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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dutch desire for the good life risks collapsing Euro project

This article of mine appears over at The Week/The First Post.

Neil Clark: Euro might survive the exit of Greece or Italy, but the exit of 'the model Europeans' could prove fatal'

SUPPORTERS of the Euro could, up to yesterday, have claimed that the problems of countries in
the Eurozone had been overstated, and that the only places where there had been significant political fall-out were Greece and Italy, whose economies weren't too strong in the first place. 

But yesterday's events in The Netherlands have blown that argument right out of the water. For the first time, the government of a prosperous northern Europe country - one which has been held up by EU enthusiasts as a model of how things should be done - has collapsed on account of the continuing Euro crisis.

You can read the full article here.


Douglas said...

So what is exploding, the social democratic state, or the European Union? I say the answer is "Yes."

You would have known this if you had read "America Alone" by Mark Steyn.

jock mctrousers said...

Great piece, Neil. It's a pity the 'left' are committed to ignoring the wishes of the people on the EU and immigration.

The comments on the main article are hilarious - Kamm has no shame. Do you think he hires a secretary to dog you like this?

Neil Clark said...

Hi Douglas,

What is exploding is the EU and the Euro. The EU is destroying the European model, which brought social security, rising living standards and a really good quality of life to ordinary people across the continent.

Jock: many thanks. great to hear from you. It's decision time now for the left in Europe- do they put the interests of ordinary people first, or the interests of bankers and EU bureaucrats.
As for Kamm - what more can one say?