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Friday, April 06, 2012

Happy Easter!

A very happy Easter to everyone.

Keep in mind the fact that the Son of Man, the Christ who lived and was executed by the government of His day, was a great leader, and leader of the common people. It was his great message of Love and Brotherhood which brought him to his death. He knew the poor of the earth were oppressed by the rich and wealthy, and in scathing terms denounced the money changers and all those who defiled the Temple and brought suffering to starving humanity.

 George Lansbury , 1926.

On the subject of ordinary people being oppressed and exploited by the rich and wealthy, do take a look at the previous blog post, on the rising tide of austerity suicides in Europe, and also this story.
(cross-posted at the Campaign for Public Ownership website).

Isn't privatisation wonderful?

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R J said...

Happy Easter to you too, sir, and my apologies for not having expressed this wish before. I am delighted to say that your generous tribute to my own book is now online: