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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Going Dutch: The Netherlands to abandon the Euro?

Above you can watch an interview with me on Russia Today (RT), on the problems facing  The Netherlands due to their membership of the Euro.
More on this story here.

P.S. On the subject of RT, don't miss Julian Assange's great new series, The World Tomorrow. If you missed it on the television, you can watch here.


jock mctrousers said...

I'm not getting any sound with that vid, in Firefox an Internet Explorer.

Neil Clark said...

Hi Jock,
new video uploaded- let me know if you still can't get any sound.
All best, Neil

jock mctrousers said...

that works now, thanks

David Lindsay said...

And not only the euro.

The worm has begun to turn, and not a moment too soon. No one ever asked the Dutch if they wanted to be the drugs and prostitution capital of Europe. They do not.

The Netherlands as defended by Geert Wilders and by the late Pim Fortuyn, of rampant drug use and of legal sex at 12, was always an imposition both on the Protestant North and on the Catholic South, as surely as is the more recent but no less virulent Islamisation of Dutch society. It has been fashionable to predict a coming clash between the two. But no such thing need happen.

The tight-knit "pillar" of conservative Protestants, once one sixth the size of the historically Established Church but now numerically equal to it, maintains two political parties, one of which (thankfully, the better one) also has a considerable and growing appeal among African immigrants. In addition to holding the line firmly on moral issues, that better of the two is well to the Left on many economic and international ones, and perfectly capable of seeing the connections. The historically Established Church also has a vibrant orthodox wing, and a general tone of classical Protestantism which still extends out into many communities.

The Christian Democratic Appeal, the historic political vehicle of the Catholic "pillar", is not what it was in terms of moral orthodoxy across the full range of questions from sex and drugs to poverty and wars. But it still there. It might benefit, and the Dutch polity at large would certainly benefit, from the challenge of a Catholic Union mirroring the Christian Union. These days, possibly even co-operating with it, in this age when the Archdiocese of Glasgow and the Free Church of Scotland can issue press releases congratulating each other on fighting the good fight in defence of marriage. (Mercifully, there cannot be a Catholic SGP. A schismatic "traditionalist" one, perhaps. But not a Catholic one.)

The reason why the Netherlands has such low levels of teenage pregnancy and so on is not the extremely low age of consent or the extremely explicit sex education in schools, but the very opposite. The hijacked State can do its worst, but in the home and in the wider community the young are still administered, both by word and by sheer example, the antidote to those toxins.

That is why we must not have those toxins here: by and large, we have forgotten the antidote. If the rising generation found anything superficially like it anywhere, then they would find it in Islam, and a particularly militant Islam at that. For the Dutch, it is not "either/or". As to what it is, that is increasingly apparent when, at long last, the authorities even in Amsterdam have declared that enough really is enough.

Albert van Harten said...

Holland, Holland and Holland. Mr. Clark, have you ever heard about the other ten provinces in The Netherlands? There live Dutch people too...

Neil Clark said...

Hi Albert,

Absolutely, I was in some of those provinces last week! I totally agree with you, that's why I use the name The Netherlands when I write about the country eg here:

I just said Holland on the tv interview on a few occasions as it's slightly quicker/easier to say that than 'The Netherlands' each time and every second counts in these tv interviews, but will make a point of sticking to 'The Netherlands' in future!