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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Workforce wins The Derby- in record time

video: sir hughie.

How ironic, given the neoliberal passion for cutting the workforce.

But what a hugely impressive performance.


DBC Reed said...

The problem with this horse from the punter's point of view was that it had been very lightly raced.
There was very little form to go on.
I watched the previous record holder Lammtara win in 1995 while standing in the plebs' part of the track in the middle.I was looking at the bookies' board and Lammtara's price started to come down very quickly. I tried to put some money on but by the time I had walked over the bookies had obliterated the horse's name and you could not get a bet on.It still set out at 14-1 or thereabouts.Somebody knew something.
The horse's trainer, who I believe got shot ,had a big ante-post bet on Lammtara. I have never seen a horse run as fast.Not till Workforce.But you need to be in the know for classic flat racing .That's my experience.The punters are cannon fodder.

Robin Carmody said...

Which may be part of the reason why flat racing's popularity has declined relative to National Hunt's.

Alex Scott was the trainer you remember - murdered the previous autumn.