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Thursday, June 03, 2010

The (David) Laws of Britain's political elite

John Pilger writes:

Imagine someone on state benefits caught claiming £40,000 of taxpayers’ money in a second home scam. A prison sentence would almost certainly follow. David Laws, chief secretary to the Treasury, does the same and is described as follows:

“I have always admired his intelligence, his sense of public duty and his personal integrity” (Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister). “You are a good and honourable man. I am sure that throughout you have been motivated by wanting to protect your privacy rather than anything else.” (David Cameron, prime minister ). Laws is “a man of quite exceptional nobility” (Julian Glover, the Guardian). A “brilliant mind” (BBC).

The Oxbridge club and its associate members in politics and the media have tried to link Laws’s “error of judgement” and “naivety” to his “right to privacy” as a gay man, an irrelevance. The “brilliant mind” is a wealthy Cambridge-groomed investment banker and gilts trader devoted to the noble task of cutting the public services of mostly poor and honest people.

Also on the subject of the ‘talented’ Mr Laws, don’t miss this brilliant post by our good friend and regular commenter Olching.

UPDATE: Here's another very good piece on Laws from The First Post's Mole.


Czarny Kot said...

In Warsaw there is a 'hotel' for Polish MPs. A simple solution to all this second-home business.

Mr. Laws' scam was no better or worse than others on the same scale but the reaction to it has been markedly different.

His sexuality shouldn't have anything to do with it but it does, partly. I think a lot of people have hesitated to stick the knife in due to the gay lover factor.

However, the main reason for the lack of outrage is that now the media are not so interested in whipping up anti-politician sentiment as they were before.

DBC Reed said...

Perhaps this episode will disabuse
people of the delusion that all homosexuals are socially liberal .Just like everybody else ,there must be many homosexuals among the dominant consensus in this country that this recession and deficit is a good time to polish off the UK's traditional mixed economy. If you are against the mixed economy then you are,literally an Enemy of the British State ,no extenuation for personal reasons.