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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Who’s going to win the World Cup?

Well, hopefully not Uruguay or France after that terrible, but predictable bore-draw last night.

I think the bookies have got it about right by making Spain the favourites- they are the most likely winners, but I also think that Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Serbia and Honduras could spring a few surprises along the way and that Holland should be in for a very good tournament. As for England: well, they have a great manager, but I’m not sure that they have enough genuinely world-class players in the squad to win it. Argentina are the complete opposite- they do have enough quality players to win the tournament, (including probably the best player in the world- Lionel Messi), but the doubts are about their manager, who prior to the World Cup hadn’t impressed with his selections or tactics.

Anyway, what do you reckon?


Douglas said...

All I know for sure is that it won't be the USA, even though they won a moral victory in today's draw with England. While the USA has some good players, they just aren't that good as a team.

Krakow's New Dragons said...

England won't win it. They lack both world class talent and, like the rest of England from politics to the economy, it represents a mediocre line up with deluded supporters and cheerleaders who still haven't got used to the fact that England is a shoddy and second rate nation.

Football kitsch, blubbing people whining "it's ours 'n' it cumin' 'ome' will not do anything to divert attention away from facing hard facts. I dislike the way football has gone from being a game to a kind of over-hyped part of what New Labour called the "feel good factor".

In fact, for the last decade I have totally drifted away from football and now have zero interest in it, though I suppose the idiot Martin Jacques in the Guardian will interpret the rise of new football teams in the World Cup to anti-colonial rebellion etc etc.

Czarny Kot said...

It is much harder to predict a winner this time round.

All the usual suspects have a chance but none of them look 100% solid on paper.

Argentina have an attack of Messi, Tevez and Higuain but then have Jonas Gutierez at full back.

Brazil and others seem to have less recognisable names than in the past.

I think the successful teams will be those that are real teams--eg: Spain, South Korea-- rather than a collection of individuals-- eg: France and Nigeria.

I can't see England winning it but you never know. I actually missed last night's match because I had tickets for Goran Bregovic here in the fair city of Płock but from what i've seen and read it is the usual story-- lots of effort but disjointed and lacking cool heads (see Green and Heskey)

Despite my growing lack of enthusiasm for the whole circus, I will still be supporting England but it would be nice to see Spain finally win the WC. As usual, I will also be cheering for Paraguay.

Why? Because they're Paraguay!

PS: Word verification says 'nonce'. Snigger..

DBC Reed said...

It would be best to wait till all the sides have played.So far Germany look ominously good . Ozil has confirmed what was apparent in his under 21 appearances: he is probably an all-time great.

vladimir gagic said...

I wish I could say Serbia actually had a chance, but after the Ghana game, I don't think there is any hope. Oh well, there is always 2014.

Anonymous said...

Please ..let it NOT be Italy(who like to cheat their way to a trophy)!
I was impressed by North korea and South korea..


WorldCupDude said...

Argentina for the win!!!