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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Letter of the Week: Victor Grossman on Long John Silver

This gem from Victor Grossman in Berlin, appears in today's Morning Star:

News flash: The descendants of Long John Silver and Captain Flint have put in claims for damages.

As they pointed out, it was the passengers and crew of the ships captured who were the criminals since it was they who had beaten the men with knives and iron bars. It was necessary for the men to shoot and kill some of the attackers, acting in self-defence. To determine the facts they were willing to let a commission of impartial buccaneers decide.

Have I been dreaming after seeing a Johnny Depp film, or perhaps just watching the news?

Meanwhile, the UN Security Council prepares to vote on a US-backed plan for imposing swingeing new sanctions, not on serial international law breaking, nuclear-armed Israel, but on a Middle Eastern country which hasn’t attacked anyone and has no nuclear weapons. You really couldn’t make it up could you?

UDATE: Shamefully, the UN Security Council has just imposed fresh sanctions on Iran on account of its non-existent nuclear weapons programme. Bravo to Turkey and Brazil for voting against this nonsense.


Chris H said...

I can't say that Iran is my favourite country but the hypocrisy displayed by the western powers in relation to Iran is shameful.

I still think that the US and UK establishment haven't got over the Iranian revolution and the loss of control of the Iranian oil industry.

jack said...

But Neil we wouldn't want Iranian nuclear material to fall into hands of Islamic terrorists would we? LOL

After all we know Iran’s extensive links to Islamic terrorism but we helped establish them in Afghanistan starting in 79 and the Balkans and elsewhere.

“Iranian Arms Transfers, Nuclear Materials, and Violations of the UN Arms Embargo

Speaking on the topic of Iranian arms transfers to the Bosnian-Muslims Okun said, "President Tudjman on one occasion took Secretary Vance and me to the Zagreb Airport to look at an Iranian 747 jet plane, the big ones, that was loaded with arms and gas masks destined for the Bosnian Muslims."

Okun also testified that "There is no question that the Bosnian government did receive weapons, including from the United States. They landed largely at Tuzla Air Force Base. Everybody knew that. People felt that the imposition of an arms embargo on a defenseless state was an immoral act, and therefore they broke the embargo.”

“Sahinpasic was an official of the “defenseless state” of Bosnia-Herzegovina and it alleges that he was trying to procure weapons and nuclear materials for the Bosnian war effort.

Under the heading "Investigative proceedings against Senad Sahinpasic” the document says, “The defendant is accused of violating the Law on War Arms Control and the Law on Foreign Trade in 1992/1993 by shipping conventional weapons and procuring atomic parts and by procuring and delivering armament material to the Bosnian Army."

Or there friends in the North Caucasus are trying to procure WMD as stated by US own 98 Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) Intelligence Information Report (IIR) report.

Or the fact that in the Panski Gorge in Georgia they have actually developed dirty bombs and chemical and biological weapons which was used in Colin Powells speech as at the UN as evidence of Saddam’s link to Islamic terrorism and WMD.

Johnm said...

I would like to say a few words in defence of the UN and President Obama! Because of my cultural background and in the light of political and grammatical correctness I will refrain from using four letter words and trust that I will be understood.
I have to say to those people who cannot accept the democratically imposed sanctions on Iran, stiff excreta, hardened faeces and petrified ordure (a paraphrased military term). Although the non-commeasurable, meaningless and inaccurate term “democratically” may be an unfortunate choice, other meaningful words may be offensive, words like “useful idiots”.
To suggest that the President has a Jewish bias or receives instruction from Jewish lobby groups is ridiculous. The President may indirectly receive instruction from the Bilderberg Illuminati, for more info see these links;

Anonymous said...

Gilad Atzmon, as yourself, knows how to put it in words: