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Saturday, June 05, 2010

"Gaza flotilla activists were shot in head at close range"

See here:

And according to its supporters, Israel is defending ‘civilised’ values.

You can find details of today’s Stop the War march to the Israeli Embassy in London here. Do try to make it.

As Sarah Colborne, a survivor of the Freedom Flotilla massacre says: "We can't sit by and watch Israel violate international law every day".


jock mctrousers said...

5 TIMES, I hear! Shot 5 TIMES in the head! I'm not sure if that was in more than one case. A Brazilian electrician? Sorry, but I bet they weren't WHITE people.

Anonymous said...

The bit I don't get is this: if these folks were peaceful humanitarian activists, then why were they attacking the Israeli commandos with iron bars? I mean, if there's one thing you can be damned certain of, it's that an Israeli soldier is going to shoot you between the eyes - if you try to kill him and his mates!

So it was more or less suicide, wasn't it?

I think these "humanitarian" guys on the ship wanted to die as heros for their cause. And I think they made sure that they DID die.

The Israelis are only 50% to blame for this ugly incident, in my opinion.