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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Israel-Firsters who defend the indefensible

Well, you wouldn’t think it possible that anyone who purports to be a civilised human being could defend the murder of at least 9 civilians travelling on a humanitarian aid ship in international waters, would you?

Think again.

As Mark Steel comments:
some defenders of Israel are so blind to what happens in front of them there's nothing at all they wouldn't jump to defend. Israel could blow up a cats home and within five minutes they'd be yelling "How do we know the cats weren't smuggling semtex in their fur for Hamas?"

Perhaps Mark has Melanie Phillips in mind. As Rod Liddle, Phillips’ fellow Spectator blogger, wrote today:

Is there anything Israel could do which would discomfort my colleague, Melanie Phillips (I mean other than behave peaceably towards Palestinians)? She has been defending, without giving so much as an inch, Israel’s attack upon the, uh, “peace flotilla”; all perfectly justifiable, the convoy was actually an Islamist terrorist attack, and so on and so on.

No Rod, I honestly don’t think that there is anything Israel could do which would discomfort Ms Phillips and her fellow hardcore Israel-firsters.

If, unlike the 'Israel is always right' brigade, you are appalled by Israel’s murderous act of piracy on the high seas, please consider lending your support to this petition, which over 260,000 people have signed since 1st June.


neil craig said...

Lets rephrase that

"Is there anything Israel could do which would gain the approval of anti-Israelis I mean other than letting Hamas murder them all"

Perhaps somebody here will be able to make a specific answer to that. I suspect not.

I more strongly suspect that none of them will ever, under any circumstances, seek to allow the same standards to Jews (or slavs) as apply to the rest of humanity.

For example if Hamas attempt civilian rocket attacks from a cats hone (or more likely, because it has happened, from a hospital in the certain knowledge that the only way to stop the genocide is by returning fire) will any of these terrorists' racist supporters seriously condemn them as responsible for the deaths of cats\ (or people).

jack said...

To be fair if there were terrorist on board they should have arranged a state visit.

"Hashim Thaci may be the tough-talking prime minister of Kosovo and ex-commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army, but he gushes over Israel like a kid recalling a trip to Disney World.

"I love Israel. What a great country! Kosovo is a friend of Israel," the grinning Thaci, 39, says in a Pristina hotel crowned by a miniature statue of liberty. "I met so many great leaders when I was there -- Netanyahu, Sharon -- I really admire them," Thaci continued, referring to former Israeli prime ministers Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon"

In Kosovo -- where Thaci's campaign adviser was an Israeli, and where a recent candidate for Parliament used a picture of himself embracing U.S. President George W. Bush on his promotional poster -- fears about radical Islam seem far-fetched.

Asked whether Kosovo was pro-Israel, Vlora Citaku, a spokeswoman for Thaci, laughed. "There is only one answer," she said. "We are pro-U.S."

Roland Hulme said...

Good post. I tend to support Israel but what they did with that aid flotilla was unforgivable and I'm worried that criticizing it is considered 'anti semitic' over here in America.