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Sunday, September 02, 2007

A week of classic films (and Ellery Queen too...)

British television viewers have got a real treat in store this week with some great films showing on the terrestrial network. If you love film noir set your VCR for BBC2 at 12.45 tonight, (or rather 12.45 on Monday morning), for Fritz Lang's Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, an ingenious thriller whose solution will leave you gaping with amazement (I won't give any more clues away...). Then on Tuesday night on BBC2 there's Bryan Forbes' brilliantly absorbing WW2 prison drama King Rat. On Wednesday night, there's the wonderful 1944 Michael Powell-Emeric Pressburger film, A Canterbury Tale, in which Dennis Price had his first starring role. And on Thursday afternoon at 1.45pm C4 are showing Otto Preminger's Laura, a film which in the words of Tony Sloman "encapsulates what film noir is all about".
As if all these cinematic gems were not enough, BBC2 is also showing, on Wednesday at 10.55am, "The Tyrant of Tin Pan Alley"- a classic episode of Ellery Queen.

Whatever you do this week, make sure you've got a good stock of blank video tapes!

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