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Friday, September 21, 2007

Denis, the Neo-Con Menace

In today's Daily Telegraph, the neo-con Labour MP Denis McShane, a signatory to the principles of the notorious Henry Jackson Society, calls on France to rejoin the military wing of NATO.

"Is the new French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, prepared to be as bold as de Gaulle and say the time has come for France to re-enter Nato? It would send the clearest signal possible to the enemies of democracy that the new totalitarianism, to use Fischer's words, will not pass. Nato with France reintegrated can shape a European dimension to a new security policy aimed at helping the elected governments of Afghanistan, Lebanon, and in due course, Pakistan - even Iraq - to defeat their external enemies."

Hang on a minute Mr McShane -or should I say Mr Matyjaszek- (despite his constant exhortation to Britons to be more 'European', McShane prefers not to use his Polish moniker)- wasn't NATO supposed to be a mutual self-defence pact set up in 1949 as a defence against possible Soviet expansionism in Europe?

Since when did it morph into an organisation "aimed at helping governments....defeat their external enemies" in Asia?

I was going to post a few lines regarding this truly execrable piece of neo-con propaganda in the comments section, but Adam Garrie has said everything I would have said:

NATO has degenerated from an erstwhile anti-Stalinist military block into a feckless waste of time and money. The most effective military alliances are ones that arise out of a genuine need to combat a genuine threat. When military alliances are formed on a permanent basis they will seek military conflict on a permanent basis.

Quite. If you want endless war, then by all means propagandise for a greater global role for NATO, as the loyal Henry Jacksonite Denis McShane is doing. If you want peace, campaign for NATO to be wound up, without further delay.

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David Lindsay said...

What might an alternative/rival to the HJS be called, and why?