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Monday, September 17, 2007

Bernard Kouchner: Warmonger

Back in May I warned:

there's no doubt that in the offices of the neoconservative Project for the New American Century, Kouchner's elevation will be celebrated. But for those who believe the best hope for peace and human rights is respect for international law, the news from Paris is bleak indeed.

Today, Bernard Kouchner, like the good warmonger he is, sought to heighten the tension on Iran, saying we must 'prepare for the worst'.As I've said many times before, we will NEVER have peace, so long as warmongers like Kouchner are anywhere near the corridors of power. What a perversion of democracy that Kouchner, alone in members of the French Socialist Party in supporting the illegal Iraq war, should be rewarded by becoming the country's Foreign Minister.

The choice open to us is a clear one. Work together to remove the warmongers from all positions of power or authority- or prepare for Armageddon.

There really is no 'third' way.


David Lindsay said...

It is good to see you still being published. But that is not enough: your defamers and persecuters need to be banned from the media.

Likewise, it is not enough that, say, John Denham or Mark Malloch Brown is now in government: Kouchner and his British, American, Australian and other accomplices must be kicked out of public life.

Dan portsmouth said...

That was an excellent article of yours Neil.
Although I follow every thing you write, I apperantly have missed this one.

Despite the fact Iran has helped the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, Let us hope there will be no war, for the sake of innocents who will suffer.. as they always do..

War, includes stray misslies, bad intellegence, collatoral damage, and the so called bad apple deeds ..etc, those who support war are signing their names for all the above..

Neal said...

Mr. Clark,

It seems to me that if war is to be averted, the Iranian leadership ought do something more than speaking out of both sides of the mouth, one side bellicose and the other side denying that very belligerency.

Instead of attempting to bury the hatchet in favor of peace, we have Ahmadinejad hosting Holocaust denial conferences and issuing bellicose threats against Israel and, even more so, against Europe.

One would think, if the Iranians do not want a war, the government would go on a true peace offensive, perhaps including a visit to Tel Aviv.

That will not happen and, if a war comes, it will certainly be as much Iran's fault as anyone else's fault. In fact, one Iran's behavior - as the great historian Bernard Lewis has noted -, is consistent with the ideology which dominates the Iranian leadership, meaning that Iran actually invites war, as something designed to bring a return of the hidden imam.

Anyway you look at it, this is all scary stuff.

Dr Hfuhruhurr said...

I've just done a search for 'Ahmadinejad' on this blog in the vain (as it turned out) hope that Neil would have written one single word that acknowledged that his behaviour might not be entirely squeaky-clean over the past year or so. But it seems not.

So a reader who uses this blog as their only news source (God help them) can only conclude that one of the founders of Medecins Sans Frontieres is some kind of genocidal Nazi, while the organiser of a Holocaust denial conference who has expressed his desire to wipe Israel off the map and whose regime hangs people for the "crimes" of being homosexual or the victim of rape is a poor innocent wickle victim of the evil imperialist West and deserves unstinting support with regard to everything he says or does.

I know Neil thinks the death penalty would solve everything, but surely even he can't be thinking of the Iranian model?

Neil Clark said...
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Neil Clark said...

Dr Hfuhruhurr: the question is not whether one supports the Iranian president and all his policies/utterances, but whether one thinks Iran should be attacked. As the consequences of such action would be catastrophic and result in considerable loss of life, I think it's a no-brainer. I think you'll find Saudi Arabia has just as harsh a criminal justice code as Iran, yet I don't hear any neo-cons calling for air strikes on Riyadh.
re Kouchner: the great 'humanitarian' supported an illegal war in which over 1m people have lost their lives. Yet despite this, he is adopting an aggressive, warmongering tone on Iran.
Neal: I agree with you re Iran and the Holocaust conference- holding one was stupid, wrong and provocative. As to Ahmadinejad's remarks re Israel- as I'm sure you're aware there's considerable disagreement as to the correct translation of what Ah. actually said. I agree: I think Ah. should visit Tel Aviv- and also that Olmert should visit Tehran-such a move would really wrong-foot the neo-cons. An Israel/Iran summit, where the country's leaders can meet and discuss frankly the issues of national security which concern both, is the last thing the neo-cons want.

10:08 AM

Martin Meenagh said...

Is the new standard of judgment here 'the reader who uses this blog as their only source of news?' The mind boggles. That's a good point about Saudi Arabia too, neil--and certainly of many others of our allies. Surely there's a basic rule too which ought to apply, which is, 'don't do stupid things like attacking Persia or invading Russia'. If the mainstream media at any point in history had plastered those everywhere with the same quiet frenzy that some folks in the Vice-President's extended circle are spreading the Iranian mania, the world would be better off. Great blog!