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Friday, September 07, 2007

The Great Neo-Con Rewrite of History: No 768

"More controversially, Mr Howard has committed Australia's armed forces to participate in the American-led coalition's campaign against Islamic terror groups.
Australian special forces were in the vanguard of the 2001 military campaign to overthrow the Taliban in Afghanistan, and Australian troops helped to overthrow Saddam's regime in Iraq."

writes 'Neo' Con Coughlin in today's Daily Telegraph.

Now, it could be argued, on account of the fact that Osama bin Laden had been based in Afghanistan, that the 'military campaign to overthrow the Taliban' was part of a 'campaign against Islamic terror groups'. But the attack on Iraq?

At the time, I seem to recall our political leaders telling us the invasion was an urgent necessity because of Saddam Hussein's terrible 'Weapons of Mass Destruction', which could be assembled within 45 minutes. No one said anything about 'a campaign against Islamic terror groups'.

Oh well, perhaps I was dreaming.....

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