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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Tale of Two Tories

In the Victorian age it was loss of religious faith that kept people awake; now it is the loss of a nest egg. Such materialistic thoughts only added shame to my fear.
Possessions should not have been allowed to loom so large.
Yet they do. Dread of impoverishment in this world has taken the place of dread of eternal damnation in the next, to the point where financiers, who protect our riches, have assumed the importance of priests who once took care of our souls.
Never again, therefore, will I flick through those financial pages. Ask not for whom those City bells toll, they toll for thee!

Perry Worsthorne, authentic voice of 'old' 'One Nation' Toryism.

The market would have sorted out Northern Rock. That it was not allowed to do so has dealt a blow to capitalism, a creed on which we all rely for such prosperity as we have, from which we shall take a long time to recover.
If only we had a serious opposition party to embrace, champion and uphold the vital values of capitalism, the cure might come far faster, and be far more durable.

Simon Heffer, authentic voice of neo-liberal, Thatcherite, Toryism

Of the two, I know which creed I find the more attractive. How about you?


Anonymous said...

Worsthorne questions aspects of 'social conservatism' and the validity of 'the bomb' these days (according to his Wikipedia article, so this has to be right). On these grounds, you must prefer Simon Heffer.

Martin Meenagh said...

good god, that's not a fair choice. On what planet are the words 'simon heffer' and 'more attractive than' ever heard in the context of a choice? I think you've found a new blog game.