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Thursday, September 20, 2007

How the Empire reacts to an olive branch

Earlier in the week on the 'Bernard Kouchner- Warmonger' post, commenter 'Neal' remarked:

"It seems to me that if war is to be averted, the Iranian leadership ought do something more than speaking out of both sides of the mouth, one side bellicose and the other side denying that very belligerency.
One would think, if the Iranians do not want a war, the government would go on a true peace offensive. "

Well, Neal, Iran has just done something peaceful and conciliatory, but their olive branch was refused with snarling aggression from those who only want war.

No, Neal, the Empire respects just one thing: military strength. Iran's best chance of avoiding Shock and Awe is not to offer to lay wreaths at the site of the Twin Towers, but to make the Empire fear them just as much as Iran fears the Empire. Bullies only attack those who they think are weaker than themselves-and neo-con bullies are no different.

1 comment:

hdyqdih said...

Bullies only attack those who they think are weaker than themselves

Indeed. I saw a particularly loathsome comment recently that referred to a paralysed victim of a terrorist bomb (of which she wasn't the intended target) as "a cabbage" and suggesting that it was a good thing that her life was utterly ruined - presumably in the secure knowledge that she was in no position to fight back.

Can I assume you utterly repudiate this kind of filth?