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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Vote for your favourite PM

Meanwhile, The BBC's Daily Politics Show is holding a poll to find Britain's favourite peacetime Prime Minister.

My top three, in regards to policies, would be:
1. Attlee - for post-war reconstruction, nationalisation and the NHS.
2. Wilson- for keeping us out of Vietnam, extending public ownership and The Open University.
3. Macmillan- for his support for planning, progressive taxation, public ownership and the welfare state- all key elements of the post-war consensus. (though also gets a black mark for the Beeching Axe) .

If we were voting for favourite personalities, my vote would go for Harold Wilson, easily the most likeable inhabitant of Number 10 since the war.

How about you?

The only thing that puzzles me is why the present British Prime Minister is on the list. I thought the competition was for 'peacetime PMs'. All he's ever given us is wars. How many is it up to now? I've lost count.

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Neil Craig said...

I hate to say Thatcher but she really did turn round our economy. Not remotely as much as Charles Haughey did in Ireland by putting them on a path of 7% per ann growth but compared to those PMs in the running she is fastest.