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Friday, January 12, 2007

A serial warmonger speaks

So there we have it. There is no alternative. Britain "must continue to fight wars" . Public opinion doesn’t even come into it.

What Tony Blair’s disgusting speech - and the one made by his political master Bush earlier this week demonstrate, is the overwhelming arrogance of the neo-conservative mindset- and the contempt that these so-called 'spreaders of democracy' have for the views and opinions of ordinary folk back home.

They are confident that whatever outrage we- the little people- feel about their lies, they are simply too powerful to ever be held to account.

Neo-conservatives- and those who want Britain to engage in a policy of perpetual war- constitute a tiny proportion of the population. Yet they hold an influence wholly disproportionate to their numbers.

Is it right that the views of a few fanatical warmongers at the American Enterprise Institute and the Henry Jackson Society count for more than those of the great majority of Americans and Britons?

In the name of democracy, it’s time the majority in both Britain and the US, joined together to say enough is enough. If Blair wants Britain to ‘continue to fight wars’, then let him, his family- and the members of the Henry Jackson Society go out and fight them.


Richard W. Symonds said...

And not forgetting the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)...

Richard W. Symonds said...
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Richard W. Symonds said...

And not forgetting also the Council on Foreign Relations CFR).

Bush has decided to follow the policy advice of these ultra-powerful 'Think-Tanks' - and go hang every one else.