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Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Battle for Democracy in America

How is it that shortly after losing an election, widely regarded as a referendum on his war policy, President Bush has the temerity to try and send yet more working-class Americans to their deaths in Iraq?

The answer of course, is the disproportionate influence of the Washington War Lobby.

Is it right that a few neo-cons at the American Enterprise Institute have more clout than the majority of American voters?
No, I don’t think so either.

Here’s a suggestion, from Justin Raimondo of on how Americans can reclaim their democracy.


David Lindsay said...

The socially conservative economic populists who clinched the elections for the Democrats should put up a candidate for the Democratic Party's Presidential nomination, making it clear that (s)he will be run with or without the Party's approval. And, of course, they should follow through if necessary.

Anonymous said...

Congress got us into this mess, and contrary to what most of us (both in and out of Congress) may think, Congress DOES have the power to get us out.

The resolution that gave George W. the “power to use force” was obtained through skilful trickery and deception (motivated by NeoCon ideology and arrogance).

Those who have the power to authorize the “Use of Force” also have the power to RECIND that authority. The sooner our Congress awakens to this facet of THEIR power, the sooner this National Nightmare will end.

And it better end soon… before he starts wars with Iran and Syria.
George W. is a “Rogue Executive”, and he needs to be corralled.