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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blair's earlier illegal war

Pop the champagne corks! Get out the cigars! At last! Tony Blair is standing trail for war crimes. Well, at least on Channel 4 anyway.
But as pleasing as it is to see Blair (or rather Robert Lindsay portraying Blair) in the dock, why is the British PM only being charged with starting just one illegal conflict?
Four years before Shock and Awe was unleashed on Baghdad, Blair played a key role in another act of international aggression, which like the Iraq war, was also based on a fraudulent prospectus.
Here's my piece, from The Guardian's Comment is Free website, on why Blair should also face the rap for the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia.


David Lindsay said...

The heat should be turned up and kept up on Clare Short, Private Eye, and everyone else who suddenly turned against the neocon-Wahhabi war machine in Iraq having cheered it on at the tops of their voices in Yugoslavia.

grapesofplenty said...

Private Eye supported the neo-con Wahhabi war on Yugoslavia because of the influence of Francis Wheen, the all round professional smart-arse who wrote a book entitled 'How Mumbo Jumbo Conquered the world',(which involves sneering at people for being too ready to believe anything),but who fell,(very embarrassingly)for all the guff about genocide in Kosovo.