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Friday, January 26, 2007

A Small World

These are bad days for big drugs companies. The Pfizer Corporation, the American giant which manufactures Viagra, is the latest firm to announce redundancies. One of Pfizer's sidelines is to finance the pressure group Centre For New Europe, which recently appointed our old friend, the arch neo-con and pro-war hawk Stephen Pollard as its president. Now here's an interesting coincidence. The Pfizer Corporation's MD, Chief Medical Officer and all-round big-wig is one Joe Feczko.
Feczko is a very unusual Hungarian name. But I do know of one other Feczko. It's my wife Zsuzsanna's maiden name.
Could it be that a distant relative of my wife's is helping to pay Stephen Pollard's wages? That really would be quite amusing, wouldn't it? I'm off to check the family tree.....

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Anonymous said...


If memory serves Pfizer makes The Big V at a plant in Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork.

And I know what you mean about maiden names - my own good lady's is Madden.

Madden by name...