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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Beyond sick: The mind of Stephen Pollard

Last night I dreamed that Neil Clark had fallen under a bus (actually he was crushed between a bus and a Mercedes). So far nothing. No doubt if Clark is at some point crushed between a bus and a Merc and he survives, he'll claim that I was driving one of the vehicles and Oliver Kamm paid me off.
Stated by: Joshua on January 2, 2007 8:42 PM

The above comment was posted on the website of Stephen Pollard:
Previous commenters to Pollard's blog have accused 'Joshua' of being Pollard himself, pointing to the fact that 'Joshua' only ever turns up to comment on Pollard's site. That's not strictly true: he once showed up to counter a comment I had made on The Times 'Comment Central' to accuse me of anti-semitism - his standard party trick as regulars to Pollard's site will know.

Whether Joshua is Pollard's alter ego is something only Stephen knows and I make no accusation here. But for Pollard to allow such a sick comment to be published on his site and not to delete it as soon as it appeared speaks volumes about how low Pollard is prepared to go. I was once warned by one distinguished and very experienced British journalist that Pollard was a ' total shit'. I'll leave readers to come to their own conclusions as to whether the journalist's opinion was accurate. I've already made my mind up.

UPDATE: Pollard claims that he removed the offensive comment, posted at 8.42pm, as soon as he read it on arriving home last night. But one thing is still unclear. Why did Pollard repost this blog entry at 1.27 this morning? The post was already up last night at around 10.15, as I'm sure other readers of Pollards' blog will concur. I can't remember the exact time I read it, but it was certainly before I went to bet at about 10.45pm. The fact that the post was published earlier, strongly suggests that Pollard was already back home by 10.30 (as far as I know only Stephen posts on his own blog). Now it could be that Pollard did not read the offensive comment by Joshua before going to bed. But if that's the case, why was his Times piece deleted and then republished at a later time? Only Stephen knows the answer.


1defender said...

My word Neil, you must be a thorn in their side! No one would go to so much trouble if it didn't bother them a lot. It looks very much as if they are trying to distract you. Things are not going too well for the likes of Pollard and Kamm or they wouldn't be trying so hard. Good luck! Keep your eye on the main event. Don't be distracted by the circus side shows.

RobBBB said...
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Neil Clark said...

Hi gorija,
Seeing that you're a visitor to Stephen Pollard's blog too, perhaps you have a view on why SP's Times article was reposted at 1.27 this morning?
As for priceless entertainment, I think those who believed the Kosovo genocide/Iraqi WMD fabrications provide us with even more laughs than the very best Perry/Croft sitcom.
ps I can assure you that I'm not 1defender!

1defender said...

Unlike you, gojira, I do not see Neil's political postings as entertainment but as a source of information. Discussion is encouraged on this blog while I notice that Kamm has no such facility on his. He can say whatever he wants, and boy, doesn't he just, without fear of being challanged on any of it. BTW I am not Neil, wish I could write like him, though.

RobBBB said...
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Anonymous said...

Kamm has no such facility probably because no one can be bothered to read his turgid prose. He is dull as ditchwater and wrong about nearly everything. Pollard is a buffoon. What is frightening is that they are the "cream" of Tony Blair's intellectual SS.

Neil, keep kicking their sorry backsides.

(And no, this is not Neil Clark posting either)

TheRedLeopard said...

There's some wonderful exposure of 'Pollardiana' on this site Neil.
It's hysterical!

Neil Clark said...

gojira: you've been 'joshuaed'!