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Monday, July 16, 2012

Russia holds firm against western bullying on Syria

RT reports:

Lavrov did not miss an opportunity to address Russia’s detractors – specifically the United States – which, he said, seeks to “blame” Russia and China for the ongoing hostilities in Syria.
"It is not right to blame the situation [in Syria] on Russia and China, to say nothing about threats like 'they are going to pay for this'," he said.
The Russian minister then criticized Moscow's western partners for provoking a civil war in the country.
"Some of my Western colleagues even proposed that the resolution [the Western draft resolution that mentions Chapter 7 of the UN Charter] declare an economic, financial and communication blockade against the Syrian government,” the minister said. “In other words, even talks with [the Syrian government] are ruled out.”
"This is a direct invitation to a civil war, not the implementation of the Geneva communique," Lavrov declared.

Meanwhile, guess which country is talking about a Syrian WMD threat?! Yes, you guessed right, the same one that is telling us that Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons programme is a threat to the entire world. 


Douglas said...

Secretary Clinton's remarks about how Russia and China would pay for their support of Syria went unreported in American media. No, I don't know exactly what she meant by those remarks, exactly.

I'm recalling President Obama's remark to Rep. Peter DeFazio after he voted against Obama's economic stimulus bill in February of 2009. President Obama said "Don't think we aren't keeping score, brother."

Neil Clark said...

Hi Douglas,
Hillary the Hawk is a real disgrace, don't you agree?

Douglas said...

I'm a little fuzzy as to how much latitude she has to say what she personally thinks and feels.

Maybe she got her interventionary itch scratched in Libya. Let's hope so.

Neil Clark said...

I think a President Hillary Clinton wld have been worse than President Obama- do you agree?

brian said...

Killary not Obomber rules the US.

brian said...

Linda Juniper ‏@LindaJuniper:
Iraqi Official: the Syrian Army controlled AlBukamal border gate, injured & killed 10s of #FSA terrorists. #Syria #DeirEzzor #Iraq

Twitter like Lindas is a good place for uptodate knowledge of events in syria