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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Follow me on Twitter!

For those of you on Twitter, I'm 'tweeting' here @NeilClark66.

I'll still be putting up regular posts here as well, so no change in that direction.   

For those of you particularly interested in public ownership issues and fighting privatisation, the Campaign for Public Ownership is also now on Twitter, here, @PublicOwnership.

Do try and spread the word if you can!


Douglas said...

I am delighted to welcome you to Twitter! I believe this will assist me in my capacity as one of your American correspondents.

Neil Clark said...

Cheers, Douglas. Many thanks!

Vladimir Gagic said...

are you planning on adding the twitter gadget to your blog posts so readers can tweet them from their own account?

Neil Clark said...

Hi Vladimir,
Thanks for that- have added the gadget! All very best