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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Andy Murray's finest hour

Well, he didn’t quite manage it- but what a great effort- and what a touching speech he made afterwards.

I was never a huge Andy Murray fan, but he seems a lot more likeable nowadays and I’m sure that if he continues to improve his game then one day he’ll land that elusive first Grand Slam.

PS Wondered why it’s so hard for ordinary tennis fans to get Centre Court tickets?
Take a look at this. No doubt the same crowd of  'celebrities’ will be at the Olympics.

As ‘Amanda’, from Norwich says in the comments section:

Makes me sick! I am a life long tennis fan, I would give almost anything to see a Wimbledon final but there is not much chance of that. Why do these 'celebs' , some of whom obviously have little or no interest in the sport, get the greatest prize of all? I am so angry looking at these photo's. Wimbledon, you should be ashamed of yourselves. -

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