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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Death and Destruction in 'liberated' Iraq

Over a hundred people killed in bomb attacks in a Middle East country. No, not in Syria, but in Iraq. A country we 'liberated' earlier. As the RT reporter asks in the above video, why is that events in Iraq are no longer getting much coverage- certainly nowhere near as much coverage as Syria?

Think back to ten years ago, when we couldn't put on a tv set without seeing some neocon warning us on the danger that Iraq posed to the world with its WMD. The neocons and their 'liberal interventionists' allies, the great 'humanitarians' who couldn't stop talking about Iraq and 'liberating' its people in 2002, don't seem too interested in the country's plight in 2012. I wonder why that is?

Meanwhile, one of the architects of the destruction of Iraq, the serial war criminal Tony B-Liar, is out and about in London tonight. Over at Stop the War you can find out about how you can join the protest. And remember, there is a £2,500 reward for anyone who attempts a citizens arrest.

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brian said...

Sadr City, Baghdad – the aftermath of Monday, July 23, 2012′s bombing & shooting spree, which Al Qaeda has taken responsibility for. It is designed specifically to spark off another destructive and divisive sectarian conflict – similar to the one the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are fueling in Iraq’s northern neighbor, Syria. The attack was carried out the same day Iraq rejected the Arab League’s (primarily Saudi Arabia and Qatar) demands that Syria’s president step down immediately. ......ALQAEDA works for the US as we see here