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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why it's time to bring British Gas back into public ownership

You can hear me making the case for renationalisation of the energy sector on the Emma Britton Show on BBC Radio Somerset here.
The discussion starts at 32 minutes into the programme of 12th July.


David Lindsay said...

Bills to double, even though this island stands on vast reserves of coal, and even though, properly executed, nuclear power would arguably be so cheap that it would not need to be metered.

Reverse privatisation.

Renounce climate change hysteria.

And restore the proper jobs that ground proper communities, the economic basis of paternal authority, the national sovereignty that is energy independence and public ownership, the binding of the Union that is public ownership, the Commonwealth ties on which our uranium supply depends, and the freedom to stay out of wars over other people's oil or gas. All guaranteed by the State, since that is what it is for.

Vladimir Gagic said...

I am glad you pointed out that switching between almost identical private providers is no real choice and that there is no such thing as consumer options.

If private ownership was such a good idea, why not turn the police and fire department private as well?