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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh Dear, How Sad, Never Mind: Rupert Murdoch could sell off his remaining London newspapers

In today's First Post, Nigel Horne writes: 

There is now rising speculation that Murdoch could sell off his remaining London newspapers – the profitable Sun and the loss-making Times and Sunday Times - in order to protect both his BSkyB takeover and his American media empire.

It will be painful for him – he loves newspapers – but for the sake of his legacy, it might be the only option.

The latest Guardian investigation suggests the malpractice contagion has spread to the Sun and the Sunday Times.

According to the paper, Gordon Brown was targeted by News International newspapers for over a decade, both as chancellor and later prime minister.

I am told the mood at the News International offices in Wapping is ominous following these revelations.

A sell-off of the other titles would bring plurality to Britain's media landscape – if buyers can be persuaded to take on the loss-making Times and Sunday Times.

And if buyers can’t be persuaded, then the loss-making Times titles will just have to go the way of the News of the World. What a huge loss to journalism that will be. Not.

In another development, the Guardian reports:

Scotland Yard has accused News International of undermining its inquiry into police corruption by leaking confidential details of investigations to the media. NI has orchestrated a "deliberate campaign to undermine the investigation into alleged payments by corrupt journalists to corrupt police officers and divert attention from elsewhere", the Met said in a statement.

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Yahoorsur said...

all decent folk can only hope that the senior execs of N.I face justice in the near future and end up doing serious jail time.