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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Damning of Tony Blair: Unindicted War Criminal

Oh Dear. It’s not going too well for the neo-cons and their ‘liberal’ interventionist allies is it?

The NATO fiasco in Libya. The ever-deepening crisis surrounding News International. And now this .
In the comments section on the Mail on Sunday's website, Darren writes:
if another country had done it they would be charged with war crimes. we went to war because he assured us they had wmd that could strike us within 45mins... this was a lie so why is he not held accountable for our military loss and that of everyone else who perished?
While Mo, from Carlisle, asks the question:
Any chance of war crimes charges being brought?
Let’s hope that war crimes charges are indeed brought. The case against The Bliar, as I argued here, is rock solid.
Meanwhile, here's the latest news from the country that Tony and his neo-con pals ‘liberated’ in 2003.

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SteelMagnolia said...

I am more interested in the fact that they all have Papal Knighthoods.