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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Martin Meenagh on Britain's Watergate

Martin Meenagh, who knows a thing or two about US politics, writes:

This may seem a silly bubble scandal, while the real economy here freezes and the west's economy burns. It is becoming something else. We're getting a glimpse beneath the murk of the political-media class and the financial monsters who live in the deep.

Watergate was important not because of Nixon, and Dallas only partly because of JFK--they both exposed the connections that really run a great many things, and the existence of a nexus of money, power and war that has nothing to do with democracy but which convinces itself that it owns the free world.

You can read the whole of Martin's brilliant blog post on the scandal that is shaking the British neocon/neoliberal establishment, here. 

Meanwhile, in case you hadn't heard, Sean Hoare, the whistleblowing former News of the World journalist,
has been found dead.

More here.

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