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Monday, January 24, 2011

Breaking News: At least 35 killed in terrorist attack on Moscow's Domodedovo airport

We don’t know for sure who planned this outrage- but we do know one thing: that they are totally depraved.


David Lindsay said...

Neoconservatism's Islamist allies in the Caucasus? You don't say!

Russia is pre-eminent among the Slavs in their mission as the gatekeepers of the True West defined by the recapitulation of all three of the Old Israel, Hellenism and the Roman Empire.

The gatekeepers both against Islamic conquest, whether military or by other means, and (for all the good things that must be said about Confucianism, in particular) against economic, and thus also cultural, domination by South or East Asia.

And now also the gatekeepers against the enemy within, Islamic expansionism's, and Indian and Chinese economic domination's, ally while pretending to be at least the former's foe: the indebted, stupefied, promiscuous pseudo-West that the neocons revile the rest of us for rightly hating.

Anonymous said...

Some of the reactions to this despicable attack are telling. I have noticed a good number of Americans blame the Russians themselves, essentially for failing to always agree with Washington. This is supposedly the price the Russians pay. But how does a friendlier stance towards Iran translate into attacks by (most likely) Sunni terrorists?

Do these people fail to realize that the ideological brothers of the Caucasian militants killed a large number of Shi'ites in Iraq today? That these same Sunni militants regularly kill Shi'ites all over the world, including Iranians on pilgrimage and in their own country? Apparently these neocon fanatics have never heard of Jundallah.

brian said...

so did israel bomb moscow airport?