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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The attempted murder of the NHS

So don’t believe what you are being told. This is not about reducing bureaucracy or tackling the deficit. This Bill represents a paradigm shift in the way that health care is delivered in this country. It is born from ideology, not necessity. Managers will not be reduced – rather, they will be employed by private companies that lease out their services.

The proposed reforms signal an end to the NHS as we know it. It will not be reformed, it will be murdered. What Lansley’s Bill achieves is the atomising of the NHS. It will be spliced and diced into bite-sized portions to be thrown down the gullet of the corporate sector.

You can read the whole of Max Pemberton’s Daily Telegraph article on why the government’s Health Bill, if passed, means the end of the NHS, here.

The government has no electoral mandate to destroy the NHS and we cannot allow their 'reforms' to pass into law.

If you feel strongly about saving the NHS, make sure you sign the NHS Support Federation’s national online petition. And write to your MP to ask them to vote against the government’s bill when it has its second reading next Monday.

Let's defeat the neoliberal fanatics, who want to unleash 'market forces' into every aspect of our lives.

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