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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sir John Chilcot gets to work

Mehdi Hasan and Craig Murray explain his colour scheme.
hat tip for Craig Murray's post: The Exile


olching said...

Glorious post, but also thoroughly depressing.

The only solace I take is in knowing that the name Tony Blair will be forever associated with Iraq.

David Lindsay said...

We are only two days in, and already we have "learned" that (for the benefit of the American market) there was no link to 9/11, that there were no WMD, and that Saddam Hussein would have been toppled by an internal coup anyway.

The one and only argument advanced for British participation in the Iraq War was the existence of Iraqi WMD (not a "programme") capable of deployment within 45 minutes against the British bases on Cyprus. No one bothered to ask why Iraq would want to attack those bases, and in any case the whole thing was totally false.

Lord Butler sat and waited for a journalist to ask The Question, and was left dumbfounded when none of the spineless hired help did so. But some of them seem to have grown backbones since then. Why don't the rest?

And why doesn't everyone who admires the American neoconservatives ask what it is about them that makes them so attractive to Tony Blair, of all people? If he loves them so much, then why do you?