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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Iraq War files: Tony Bliar 'misled MPs and the public'

The Sunday Telegraph reports:

Tony Blair, the former prime minister, misled MPs and the public throughout 2002 when he claimed that Britain’s objective was “disarmament, not regime change” and that there had been no planning for military action. In fact, British military planning for a full invasion and regime change began in February 2002.

Throughout most of 2002, Mr Blair’s consistent line was that – though military action could not be ruled out – no decisions had been made, no British military preparations were in train, and any action had to be pursued through the UN. That, today’s documents make clear, was not correct.

You can read more here from the Iraq war files here and here.

Tony Bliar misleading MPs and the public? Who’d ever have thought it!!

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Nicholas said...

Lovely piece on a great writer and noble human being!