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Monday, November 30, 2009

How Tony Bliar lied over the legality of the Iraq war

The Mail on Sunday reports:

Tony Blair was accused of a 'gross betrayal' of the Queen and Parliament last night after it emerged that the Government's chief law officer warned him eight months before the Iraq invasion that regime change would be illegal.

In a previously undisclosed memo, described as 'the most vital piece of the jigsaw so far', Attorney General Lord Goldsmith told the then prime minister that the war would be a blatant breach of international law.

But rather than slow his rush to war, Mr Blair froze Lord Goldsmith out of Cabinet meetings and sent two of his closest allies to menace him into changing his mind. Lord Goldsmith was so furious at his treatment he threatened to resign- and lost three stone as Mr Blair and his cronies bullied him into backing down

What lovely people Bliar and his cronies are, don't you think? Starting blatantly illegal wars. Bullying those who get in the way of their plans.

Tony Bliar, the man the neocons wanted to be EU President- is now a totally disgraced figure. He- and his few remaining supporters- need to be treated with utter contempt. But that's not enough. There is abundant evidence that Bliar is guilty of war crimes. The 'supreme' international crime is to launch a war of aggression against a sovereign state- and that's what Bliar did in 2003.
He- and his US counter-part George W. Bush- and the neocon fanatics who pushed so aggressively for war, need to be brought before a war crimes tribunal as soon as possible.


jock mctrousers said...

Anyone see Channel 4's 'the Execution of Gary Glitter'? Set in an imagined alternative Britain, it supposedly contributed to the 'discussion about capital punishment' ( is there one?) by showing graphically the implications. But of course it was just an appalling bit of shameless vicarious witch-burning, so shameless it was almost hilarious. GG is pretty sick, but how many people has he killed? The point is: could we imagine 'the Execution of Tony Blair'? OK, I know there was a play by some worthy ' the Trial of Tony Blair', but well... you'd have to have seen the Gary Glitter program to know what I mean. GG's just an easy target. And of course it reflects on all of us that we could have a PM directly at least partly responsible for the murder of 1M plus Iraqis, maybe 2M including sanctions, not to mention the illegal demolition by bombing of another European country - Serbia.

jack said...

Iraq is not the only thing Blair lied about and this is much worse.

When are we going to have an investigation of lies that lead to the Kosovo war?

Anonymous said...

Let´s not forget another criminal liar,Jose Maria Aznar.
Let´s not forget either that he was the one who advised Clinton to bomb the serbian tv station .
The f....g trotzies should also be brougt before the criminal court for supporting the destruction of Yugoslavia and the lynching of Milosevic.
Neil,I really like the way you defend real socialism. Keep on unmasking the criminals.
Greetings from Spain.


Neil Clark said...

hi jock: good to hear from you.
no, I missed the GG programme.
i agree, the fact that we had a PM who was guilty of the crimes you mention does refect on all of us.

jack and anonymous- totally agreed.
we need an independent inquiry into the blatantly illegal 1999 NATO aggression against Yugoslavia and the role Britain played- I wrote about the lies that Blair and the British and US governments told in 1999 here.

anonymous from Spain: thanks for your kind words. totally agreed re Anzar.

Gregor said...
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neil craig said...

Yet this same government refuses to say what the legal advice on the legality of the Kosovo war was, or even if they cared enough to ask for it, on the nonsensical grounds that it would establish a precedent.

That means they know that the Kosovo war was always much more blatanly illegal than Iraq & consequently that there can be no circumstances in which any government or politician who supported it can now pretend to be interested in the principle of not supporting war crimes.