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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Gordon Brown and the great democracy charade

The Morning Star reports:

"The Prime Minister has spoken to President Karzai to congratulate him on his re-election“ a No 10 Downing Street spokesman said.

I wonder if this is the same Prime Minister who failed to congratulate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on his election victory in Iran earlier this year? Unlike in Afghanistan where the 're-election' of US appointee Karzai was marked by widespread fraud, no firm evidence that this year's Iranian Presidential election was fraudulent has yet to be be produced.

When the US and its allies talk about 'democratic elections' what they really mean is a vote which puts their man in power. If the vote goes the other way, and a non-western puppet is elected, the election is immediately denounced as fraudulent, and the country in question often has to face sanctions (think Belarus, Yugoslavia and Iran) and air strikes (think Yugoslavia), or full scale military attack and sanctions (think Gaza).

And the leader in question certainly doesn't receive congratulations from Washington or London, but faces a campaign of demonisation (he's usually labelled the 'The New Hitler).

But one good thing- after the farcical 're-election' of Karzai in Afghanistan , there can’t be anyone who hasn’t seen through the great 'democracy' charade.


neil craig said...

The whole charade of "democracy2 in Afghanistan is destroying both sides. We went in to get bin Laden (who I am convinced is indeed dead but is still a useful hate figure) & to crush al Quaeda. Afghanistan would be perfectly happy as a collection of tribes all vying for a little aid & so would we. Instead we insist on runnin g the place as if Parliamentary "democracy" under a centralised bureaucracy was the only way to go.

However you are still wrong about Gaza. Israel did not engage in a full scale invasion because Hamas were elected but because the elected government genocidally insisted on continually firing rockets at Israeli civilians - in fact the "IDF did more to safeguard the rights of civilians than any other army in the history of warfare" to quote Col Richard Kemp who has seen us in Bosnia, Iraq & Afghanistan & knows.

Roland Hulme said...

Hey, leave the US out of it. As last night's election results show, the United States is a country in which there is at least a semblance of Democracy left - unlike that autocratic rubbish in Europe. Treaty of Lisbon up for ratification? We can't let the plebs decide. They'd end up making the 'wrong' decision.

Neil Clark said...

Hi Neil: let's agree to disagree on Gaza. I think that the people of Gaza were collectively punished by Israel and the US for voting the wrong way ie for Hamas.

Roland: i agree with you re the ratification of the Lisbon treaty. what a disgrace. But it's not true to say the people weren't asked- they were asked in Ireland and said no to the treaty. So then they were asked again, and lo and behold they came up with the 'right' answer! ie the one approved by our political masters.

Anonymous said...

Good neil...unfortunately, Brown will get aware with his charade, as there is no one to correct him...a least who wont be allowed to correct him.
Of course,theres also the matter of the 2000 and 2004 us elections....


Anonymous said...

Yes OBL IS dead...and yes, he is still useful Orwellian figure to unite the masses.

David Ray Griffins investigations only confirm OBL has been dead since late 2001


jack said...

@neil craig

You have got to be kidding a few small unguided homemade rockets was the pretext for the Gaza war.

This is the same Israel who international Jewish organisations some with links to Israeli intelligence like the ADL supported Bosnian Muslim terrorists and the regime there who Hamas, Hezbollah and Iranian intelligence aided in fighting the Serbs during the Bosnian war.

Israel uses targeted civilian policies like water restriction, house demolition, blockades, etc as a means of population control.