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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Shame (and hypocrisy) of the BBC

I always thought that the BBC was owned by and is accountable to the British public.

It seems that I got that wrong. How else can we explain the decision by the BBC bigwigs not the screen a humanitarian appeal for the people of Gaza?

The BBC say that it wants to preserve its 'impartiality' and that broadcasting an appeal on Gaza would be too 'controversial'.

Could this be the same institution that, during the NATO war with Yugoslavia in 1999 broadcast several appeals on behalf of the Kosovan Albanians? (you can see one, above)

What happened to its commitment to 'impartiality' then?

The BBC has of course, caved into pressure from the Israeli government and from Britain's numerically small, but extremely influential Zionist lobby who do not want pictures of the death and destruction that their beloved IDF brought to Gaza on our television screens.

Over 1,300 people were killed in the Israeli invasion of Gaza- a third of them children- and international aid agencies talk of the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe there. Yet rather than raise money to help the people of Gaza, the BBC deems it more important not to upset the editor of the Zionist Jewish Chronicle.

If you want to register your disgust at the BBC's capitulation to the Zionist lobby, then you can do so in several ways.

You can call the BBC on 03700 100 222.

You can email them: Media Lens has a list of the relevant addresses here:

Or, you can join the Stop the War protest outside the Broadcasting House in London at 2pm this afternoon.

Remember: it's our BBC- if a privately-owned newspaper wants to follow a biased, pro-Zionist line, then that's their look-out, if the publicly-owned BBC wants to, then it's something different altogether.

A commenter on Media Lens' message board writes:

Tony Benn was brilliant on BBC new 24 just now on the question of the BBC Gaza appeal ban. He stunned the interviewer by immediately interrupting her by saying "seeing as the BBC will not broadcast the appeal I will, she tried to intervene but he said "you are not going to stop me" and he gave out the appeal phone no and details as well as the numbers of casualties. She looked bewildered as he angrily raged against the BBC and said "we all know who is behind this, the Israeli Government" Well done Tony Benn who refused to be curtailed by the BBC's employees. We need more of this.

Tony Benn: the greatest Living Briton- without a shadow of a doubt.

You can watch Tony Benn on BBC News 24 below. Many thanks to Dan for the link:


DT said...

Neil: the 'humanitarian' appeals for the Kosovan Albanians was fine, as the Zionists approved of that war and gave the BBC their permission.

neil craig said...

The comparison with Kosovo is entirely correct. The BBC then gave up any claim to being anything other than a fascist government propaganda organisation & all this action proves is their hypocrisy matches their dishonesty.

Such appeals are always run on politically approved lines.

dan said...

Tony Benn here

Dan, portsmouth said...

John Pilger also talked about the Zionist lobby and the death threats they sent him, in an interview with Alan Heart on PressTV. you can watch it here

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see Neil Craig, at 12:15 finally surrendering himself to the truth.

Cheers, Neil (Clark)
With utmost respect

Anonymous said...

"The nation which indulges towards another, a habitual fondness is in some degree a slave. It is a slave to its animosity or to its affection, either of which is sufficient to lead it astray from its duty and its interest, a passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils. Sympathy for the favorite nation, facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common interest in cases where no real common interest exists, and infusing into one the enmities of the other, betrays the former into a participation in the quarrels and wars of the latter without adequate inducement or justification …Real patriots who may resist the intrigues of the favorite are liable to become suspected and odious, while its tools and dupes usurp the applause and confidence of the people, to surrender their interests."

President George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796

"Our attachment to no nation on earth should supplant our attachment to liberty."

Thomas Jefferson

"Fuck zion, save Britain."

Coll, 2009

Anonymous said...

Health minister Ben Bradshaw (a former BBC journalist,) said, 'the broadcasters' decision not to screen the appeal was inexplicable" and dismissed the Corporation's explanation for its position as "completely feeble".
He told Radio 4's Any Questions "This is a humanitarian catastrophe and I am afraid the reasons given by the BBC are completely feeble.(This) nervousness about being biased - I am afraid the BBC has to stand up to the Israeli authorities occasionally."

The Israeli government and their proxies inside the BBC ? ITV, on Saturday said that "the majority" of networks had now agreed to broadcast the appeal."
An ITV spokesman said "After careful consideration, and in consultation with other networks, a common consensus has been reached by the majority of broadcasters and as a result ITV will broadcast a DEC appeal."
The spokesman declined to name the other broadcasters involved, and the BBC was not immediately able to say whether it was reconsidering its decision.

Can we find out and name any sponsor who threatened the commercial stations? Any political figure who intervened? Zionist are fifth columnists, our politics (LFI, CFI, LDFI,) and our press have to purged in the interest of our own national interests. (remember their lies when Yugoslavia was attacked - remember their lies when Iraq was attacked, when Afghanistan was invaded) This is a national disgrace. Jock made a good point about our forces being put at the discretion of Israel, (it's US Lobby) That's what's happening isn't it.


Dan, portsmouth said...

I think I'm being censored here.
Not a problem, but have to point out there is a first part to my comment above.
All the best

Neil Clark said...

hi dan- i've posted everything i've had from you but will go back and check. i don't censor you, i can assure you! thanks very much for the links btw.

thanks, Nicki! Much appreciated.

coll: what is going on can only be described as a national disgrace. it's certainly the most shameful episode in the BBC's long history.

Dan, portsmouth said...

Just for the records, the first link was provided by another Dan, a good one.

It worth noting the BBC doesn't preface it's reports with the warning that Zionist occupation forces is controlling the movement of it's reporters the way they did about Serbia and Argentina, as John Pilger pointed out in his NS article.

Talking about pressure, I remember reading an article in the Zionist paper Jerusalem Post complaining about a comment, left on BBC blog!! imagine.. a comment!!

You already have few child murder apologists here Neil, more on their way to your blog from Zionist lobby with love.

jock mctrousers said...

I think the BBC has shown remarkable consistency from Kosovo to Gaza. It consistently refuses to broadcast the truth. At least this business should make it easier to convince people of that.

Coll/Anon - those quotes from Washington and Jefferson are spot on.

Me, I'm bowing to zionist pressure by refraining from posting jibes at the Chief Rabbi ( ever so humble, ever so kind to strangers, peace be upon him) and his twice weekly appeals for aid to Israel on 'Thought For the Day' on Radio 4's 'Today' program.

Neil Clark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul D said...

Is it my post that has been deleted and if so why?

Neil Clark said...

Hi Paul,

No, it wasn't.

In yr previous comment (which I haven't posted yet) you made a totally unfair allegation- once again trying to conflate anti-zionism with anti-semitism.
I'm happy to post an edited version of your comment, or perhaps you'd like to resend, but without the silly jibe that mentioning the existence - and influence of the Zionist lobby in Britain is in some way 'anti-semitic'. I've said before that while Dr Johnson said that patriotism was the last refuge of the socundrel, in 2009 it appears to be making false accusations of anti-semitism against those who criticise Israel.

I'm very happy for you to post your comments here, and in no way do I wish to bar you, but it would be great if you could drop the 'anti-semitism' jibes; no one who posts here is an anti-semite; what you have here is quite a few people, myself included, who are absolutely incensed by Israel's actions in Gaza.

best wishes,

Paul D said...

I do not understand why you did not publish my comment other than the fact you did not like what I wrote. There was nothing in my post that was rude or offensive and I took the time to explain that the Jewish Chronicle is a liberal Jewish community newspaper and not a zionist organ and often publishes anti Israeli material. I felt this important to point out as what you said about the Jewish Chronicle I felt was misleading. I posited the thought that perhaps your view of that newspaper was coloured because its new editor - Stephen Pollard - is someone I assume you dislike because of various online run ins.

You use your comment on this thread to ask me not to suggest that anyone on this site has any anti Jewish tendencies presumably on the basis that taking an anti zionist viewpoint can never be anti semitic. I challenge that and consider that a number of comments on your site are nasty about Jews (as opposed to just Israelis)and amount to at the very least what I would call a low level anti semitism which I am afraid does exist in British society.

Jock McTrousers suggests the Chief Rabbi appears on 'Thought for the Day' at least twice a week and influences Gordon Brown's decision making. I do not believe this to be true. Do you?

The main point on my comment to you however was to challenge you to provide evidence that a 'Zionist' lobby exists in the UK. You have not answered that question and I have read the post you have just put up. With respect, Melanie Phillips and Janet Daley do not make up an organised 'zionist' lobby - and nor does Stephen Pollard. They are just writers, columnists like yourself. Melanie Phillips does not represent mainstream Jewish opinion and if I return to the Jewish Chronicle her views are often attacked and someone like Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian gets as much time and space in the Jewish Chronicle as does Ms Phillips. Indeed Jonathan Freedland had an article in a recent Jewish Chronicle stating he opposed Operation Cast Iron Lead. It was quite a compelling article.

Indeed - I actually said I believed that the BBC should show the charity appeal. Why were you keen for that viewpoint of mine not to be shown on this blog?

I repeat that I believe the BBC decision not to show the charity appeal has come about more because of the weak position the BBC feels it is in (following previous incidents from the Iraq War up to the Jonathan Ross episode),and weak and unsure management at the top of the BBC structure.

I also return to my query at the use of the word 'Zionist' by you and others on this and other blogs. What does this mean? You have referred to me in your comment of today as a zionist. You are in no position to label me thus. I am not part of any zionist organisation nor do I hold uncritical rose tinted views about Israel. The only way in which you could legitimately refer to me as zionist is on the basis that I believe that the state of Israel should continue to exist within secure borders together with a Palestinian state. I accept Israel needs to vacate the occupied land and to stop all settlements on occupied land. Now that makes everyone who supports a two state solution to be in effect a zionist.

I hope you have the decency to publish this comment given you supposedly allow contrary comment to your views on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Neil, or let Paul D and his ilk carry on calling us jew-haters, so long as you allow us to shoot back that they're gentile-haters. As this might catch on, Paul D and his mates might want to think again. Nick 'lets do Iraq' Cohen is getting twitchy that police and armies of Europe aren't sufficiently brutal enough to put down civil riots (honest, I kid you not - look on Comment is free). As we consider who designed these wars that pushed us into increasing indebtedness while our infra structure and poverty pool got ever bigger, have so much in common with the same people whose new scribe is 'Hope not Hate' - (This from Zionists who demand liberal immigration policy everywhere but Israel ) - they might start thinking about the bigger picture. This could even lead them to change their lobbying megalomania into things that actually are to the betterment of the countries they actually live in. Recently, I read an article about America becoming the worlds first undeveloped country, which doesn't seem all that unrealistic anymore.

You say what you like about rabbi's, vicars and mullahs's. Anyone who doesn't like it, doesn't particularly like Britain or the people here of, very much. Speak your mind, Jock. Anyway, I tend to agree with you.

Neil Clarks example of the bbc's hypocricy is the best I've seen anywhere. The Jill Dando appeal for Albanians makes a mockery of the absolute lies and excuses we've had to listen to these past few days. No wonder he attracts the attention of absolute scumbags like Kamm and Toube. I'm with Nicki., Neil Clark - Respect!


Neil Craig said...

I would say that the individual who attacked the Jews for killing Jesus was plainly anti-Jewish. Most "anti-Zionists" here declined to criticise him. That plus the undeniable double standards they practice when it is the British government bombing civilians, shows that anti-Semitism & indeed Nazism is barely under the surface.

Neil Clark said...

many thanks Tina. Your kind words are much appreciated.

I have been attacked, smeared and defamed on a regular basis by the likes of kamm, toube and pollard- but of course if i defend myself i am labelled an anti-semite.

I very much hope to write an article soon about the phenomeonon of jewish anti-gentile racism- I abhor all forms of racism- including anti-semitism, but jewish racism towards non-jews is very much a taboo subject and it needs to be openly discussed.

If we can discuss anti-semitism, why on earth can't we discuss the phenomenon of jewish racism towards non-jews- and jewish discrimation against non-jews?

down with anti-semitism, and down with Jewish racism too.

Anonymous said...


I'll look forward to your article, of course there is Jewish anti gentile racism and high time they, as much as anyone else, vis a vie, were forced to challenge some of their own excesses. I can't remember if it was Walt or Mearsheimer who was described as being ' blond, blue-eyed and teutonic' by rabid neocon, Dana Milbank. It's been very much the case that anyone speaking up in the interests of their own country as opposed to Israel's, have been labelled anti semites by the fellowship of neocon-zionists. Their racism, oppression and tyranny, have gone on for too long, unchecked. Honestly, they're as dangerous to Jews as they are to every other man, woman and child on the planet.

Tina, that article / forecast (America first undeveloped nation) is by Gerald Celente and more than likely to be prophetic.


Anonymous said...

'Health minister Ben Bradshaw (a former BBC journalist,) said, 'the broadcasters' decision not to screen the appeal was inexplicable" and dismissed the Corporation's explanation for its position as "completely feeble". '

why does he say its 'inexplicable' .Its VERY explicable! Tony Benn told part of the story...the other part lies in the editors adn journos who work for the BBC...what is their relation to the zionist state?


Anonymous said...

'Health minister Ben Bradshaw (a former BBC journalist,) said, 'the broadcasters' decision not to screen the appeal was inexplicable" and dismissed the Corporation's explanation for its position as "completely feeble". '

why does he say its 'inexplicable' .Its VERY explicable! Tony Benn told part of the story...the other part lies in the editors adn journos who work for the BBC...what is their relation to the zionist state?


Anonymous said...

'The Israeli army's chief rabbinate gave soldiers preparing to enter the Gaza Strip a booklet implying that all Palestinians are their mortal enemies and advising them that cruelty is sometimes a "good attribute".

The booklet, entitled Go Fight My Fight: A Daily Study Table for the Soldier and Commander in a Time of War, was published especially for Operation Cast Lead, the devastating three-week campaign launched with the stated aim of ending rocket fire against southern Israel. The publication draws on the teachings of Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, head of the Jewish fundamentalist Ateret Cohanim seminary in Jerusalem.

In one section, Rabbi Aviner compares Palestinians to the Philistines, a people depicted in the Bible as a war-like menace and existential threat to Israel.

In another, the army rabbinate appears to be encouraging soldiers to disregard the international laws of war aimed at protecting civilians, according to Breaking the Silence, the group of Israeli ex-soldiers who disclosed its existence. The booklet cites the renowned medieval Jewish sage Maimonides as saying that "one must not be enticed by the folly of the Gentiles who have mercy for the cruel".

Breaking the Silence is calling for the firing of the chief military rabbi, Brigadier-General Avi Ronzki, over the booklet. The army had no comment on the matter yesterday.

Rabbi Arik Ascherman, the executive director of the Rabbis for Human Rights group, called the booklet "very worrisome", adding "[this is] a minority position in Judaism that doesn't understand the ... necessity of distinguishing between combatants and civilians.'

should someone ask rabbi's Romaine and Bayfield why neither felt shocked enough about this to write an article about it for the Graunad. could they be convinced to spend more time worrying over the trouble with judaism and 'relations with gentiles' as opposed to diversionary gulps of shock-horror over catholics or anglicans refusing to cowtow to every demand.


Lukas said...

Returning briefly to the Yugoslav comparison;
I seem to remember that when the TV station was bombed in Belgrade killing around 10 people, the BBC reported this as a legitimate target because it was 'state run media' implying some Goebbellsesque connection.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of hypocrisy.