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Friday, January 09, 2009

Israel (and the BNP) v The World

So there you have it. Israel responds to a UN Security Council Resolution calling for an immediate end to its assault on Gaza by stepping up its assault on Gaza, with 50 new air strikes.

But it isn't quite accurate to say that Israel stands alone. The far-right British National Party is standing fully behind Israel.

What's that saying about birds of a feather?


Anonymous said...

Why dont you mention that Hamas' response to the UN resolution was 20 rockets on Israel by lunch??
Are your news gathering skills so selective?
Nice try, but you cant fool anyone!

Anonymous said...

Israel tells the truth for once:

The petitions – over attacks on medical personnel and the shelling of United Nations schools in Gaza – follow statements by senior Israeli commanders that they have been using heavy firepower to protect soldiers during their advance on built-up areas. “We are very violent,” one told Israeli media.'



neil craig said...

They also opposed the war against Yugoslavia.

On the other hand the (Glasgow) Herald newspaper recently published a letter from a Labour ex-Councillor supporting "reviving & spreading anti-Semitism".

You do not have to be a supporter of the BNP to acknowledge that all 12,000 members taken together have been less involved in Nazi murders than Clare Short or each loyal MP of the Labour, Conservative or LibDem parties individually. It may be that some BNP members may be a little embarrassed about this - all members of the other parties should be.

jock mctrousers said...

I would take EVERYTHING Tony Greenstein says with a pinch of salt. But it doesn't surprise me that the BNP are supporting Israel - they're getting money from 'jewish sources' now, I've heard, like several other European fascist groups. Hard to verify in the case of the BNP, but it seems to be a pattern - they fall into line, make themselves useful by campaigning against Moslems, and they start to get sympathetic reviews in the press, and get treated like a respectable bourgeois party, and start getting a few local government seats. Fascist ain't what they used to be - have they no standards anymore? They're getting as bad as the Labour Party.

Anonymous said...

Israel Rejected Hamas Ceasefire Offer in December

By Gareth Porter*

WASHINGTON, Jan 9 (IPS) - Contrary to Israel's argument that it was forced to launch its air and ground offensive against Gaza in order to stop the firing of rockets into its territory, Hamas proposed in mid-December to return to the original Hamas-Israel ceasefire arrangement, according to a U.S.-based source who has been briefed on the proposal.

The proposal to renew the ceasefire was presented by a high-level Hamas delegation to Egyptian Minister of Intelligence Omar Suleiman at a meeting in Cairo Dec. 14. The delegation, said to have included Moussa Abu Marzouk, the second-ranking official in the Hamas political bureau in Damascus, told Suleiman that Hamas was prepared to stop all rocket attacks against Israel if the Israelis would open up the Gaza border crossings and pledge not to launch attacks in Gaza.

The Hamas officials insisted that Israel not be allowed to close or reduce commercial traffic through border crossings for political purposes, as it had done during the six-month lull, according to the source. They asked Suleiman, who had served as mediator between Israel and Hamas in negotiating the original six-month Gaza ceasefire last spring, to "put pressure" on Israel to take that the ceasefire proposal seriously.


Deucaon said...

According to your logic: Adolf Hitler supported the minimum wage therefore if you support the minimum wage you are a Nazi.

olching said...


Don't forget: Usually anyone who opposes or protests against the IDF's actions is called a Hamas supporter. This is obviously not true. Nor was any anti-war protester before the Iraq war a Saddam supporter.

So I think the BNP support is an important observation, if only to highlight the cretinous, perverse logic of the right in smearing everyone who posits a different view.

Anonymous said...

How may Israelis should die before you believe Israel has the right to defends its citizens?

Peter said...

Your comments are very pro-Hamas and seem to support terrorism.

Israel has every right to defend itself from aggression.

Hamas has used children and women as human shields. They should be charged with war crimes for this action.

Hamas has also fired rockets into residential areas of Israeli towns. This also constitutes crimes against humanity.

After the firing of over 6000 rockets, some even during the ceasefire, what else can Israel do?

You conveniently forget the hundreds of Israeli people, including children, that have been killed by suicide bombers.

Deucaon said...


I don't understand. Because your enemy uses smear campaigns, its right for you to use smear campaigns? Basically that's an admission that you are no better than your enemy.


I agree 100%.

olching said...


No, not smear campaigns, but it's there to highlight the perverse logic of calling anti-war demonstrators 'pro-Hamas' or 'pro-Saddam' (depending on the situation).

We know that 'pro-IDF' people aren't BNP members (yet BNP members are pro-IDF), but use the logic of the smear campaign against anti-war protesters and you end up with this mess. Take Peter with his assertion of 'pro-Hamas'. The same perverse logic, the same (verbatim I believe) tired sentences of Israel's right to defend itself (which doesn't answer the charge of proportion or occupation).

Deucaon said...


Those who condemn the actions taken by the IDF in turn do not condemn (and some of them even praise) the actions taken by HAMAS thus it is understandable that people like Peter think those who protest the war are "pro-HAMAS". And lets face it, how many of those who condemn Israel's actions in TGS protested the way HAMAS ran TGS or when HAMAS fired rockets into Israel before all this escalated?