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Monday, January 05, 2009

Israel "defends civilisation"- by shelling ambulances

Israel may or may not eventually manage to stop the Hamas rockets. But the Middle East conflict will not end until and unless the West comes to realise that Israel is in the frontline of the West’s own fight for survival, and starts properly defending the country struggling to defend civilisation....

Über Zionist Melanie Phillips, writing in today’s Daily Mail.

I wonder if Ms Phillips can explain how she thinks that shelling ambulances and killing paramedics is ‘defending civilisation’?

UPDATE: On her blog, Ms Phillips writes:

I have been absolutely overwhelmed today by messages pouring in following my column in the Daily Mail on the Gaza crisis. From these messages I have learned the following:
There is a large groundswell of support for Israel and detestation of Hamas; this is evident among people who are neither Jews nor evangelical Christians (who are usually pro-Israel) and have had no particular view about the Middle East one way or another. This in my view is a significant shift of opinion towards Israel amongst ordinary people.
There is a large groundswell of fury at the BBC in particular but also the print media for what people perceive to be morally bankrupt reporting, with gross prejudice against Israel and the ruthless delivery of Hamas propaganda...

Ms Phillips titles her blog post: Decency v Bigotry. You really couldn't make it up, could you?


Anonymous said...

People who target ambulances are filthy Nazi scum.

Arguably they are even worse than that - because even the Nazi SS generally drew the line at killing ambulance crews in battle!

These Zionist bastards (and all those who support them) are the utter scum of the earth.

Dan, portsmouth said...

Defending civilization by reducing the number of uncivilized palestinian population I suppose

This is a video I couldn't not watch.. EXTREMELY GRAPHIC, RAW VIDEO OF MASSACRE IN THE MARKET.

jock mctrousers said...

I looked at Mad Mel's piece. It's a really sad comment on the level of education in Britain that someone can enjoy a highly lucrative career for writing stuff like this:

" The Jews are the only people for whom ‘Palestine’ was ever
their nation state, hundreds of years before Mohammed was even born. It was in recognition of that inalienable right that in the 1920s the British undertook
the legally binding international obligation — never rescinded — to settle Jews in every part of Mandatory Palestine. That included not just modern Israel but the West Bank and Gaza, too. "

Neil Craig said...

There is a difference between deliberately targeting ambulances & accidentally hitting one when it is in a war zone. Since, in the story given, the ambulanceman merely had his foot injured either he was a bystander or the IDF are less effective than thought.

There is also the case where NATO, deliberately targeting Serb cities, bombed a maternity hospital.

I would be interested to see if either anon or Dan the corrupt, genocidal, chiold raping, cannibalistic Nazi whores, Short & Livingston, who supported these atrocities as "the utter scum of the Earth" & as being, along with "all who support them", at least 1,000 times worse than the Israelis. If actually not racists they certainly must have.

Anonymous said...

Just for the protocol:

The elected government in Gaza as well as the restistance is fully entitled to resist the occupation by every means availible, be that sling-shots stones or these modified inacurate fireworks they call "rockets". UN conventions clearly says so.

The israeli terrorist "government" dont consider their american backed onslaught an humanitarian disaster because according to them their are no humans in Gaza, only non-jewish non-choosen cockroaches of arabic origin....tylameds

Anonymous said...

Neil Craig said: "There is a difference between deliberately targeting ambulances & accidentally hitting one when it is in a war zone."

Oh I see. The IDF are just 'accidently' hitting all of these schools, mosques and ambulances, etc, are they?

Well hey, I guess that's okay then!

Still, they do seem to be having quite a lot of these 'accidents' just lately, don't they?

It's quite funny that - especially if you consider that (as someone recently pointed out on another comments thread) they are using highly sophisticated smart bombs...

Vladimir Gagic said...

Melanie Phillips tries to make the silly point that no other country on Earth would have been as reluctant as Israel if faced with a similar threat. Yet I don't remember England bombing Catholic cities with jets or artillary after IRA attacks. I don't remember Spain bombing Basque cities with jets after ETA bombings.

God only knows how violent Europe would still be if England or Spain had been as "restrained" as Israel.

Vladimir Gagic said...

A very interesting article how Gaza hospital are filling up with civilians:

Also, for anyone who followed the Serbian/Bosnia/Kosovo conflict, the Serbian Radical party and Serbia's Muslims are united behind the Palestinians:

Dan, portsmouth said...

Stupid craig;
Prove it was accidental attack on the ambulance or shut up. no body is buying your cheap lies.

Why does smart bombs become stupid and erratic in the hands of israelis?
Answer: They are not, these are deliberate attacks, well planned. and professionally conducted, by a criminal army. smart bombs goes exactly where you fire them, and in this case, the target was an Ambulance, yesterday it was a mosque, market, schools, residential homes... these are some of Israeli targets.

Prove it was an accident. show evidence not more lies.... you scum bag.

a very public sociologist said...

Dan, I'm far from interested in defending Israel, but smart weapons aren't as smart as you might think they are. They do go awry. They don't always hit their target.

That isn't the same as saying the Israeli state isn't deliberately engaging in indiscriminate bombing. I think the evidence is piling up to say they are.

Anonymous said...

Previous "Israel bombed ambulances" stories have been shown to be false, so I'd keep an open mind

On the other hand, it's been confirmed that Hamas have deliberately prevented casulaties from being evacuated by Egyptian ambulances: see here. The reason? Injured Palestinian civilians are a vital aspect of the propaganda war that Hamas is fighting.

Anonymous said...

'I wonder if Ms Phillips can explain how she thinks that shelling ambulances and killing paramedics is ‘defending civilisation’

shouldn't be too difficult for mad-mel.

take look at sunny hundal/cif which left me wondering if a certain librarian come blogger and time served demo diva doesn't have something of a wiff of agent provocateur about her. before this she's advocated a policy of no platform for 'fascists' and fuck free speech 'cept here she's not best pleased with hundal who thinks more people would be persuaded to display all important support for the palestinians if they weren't shoulder to shoulder with gobshites screaming 'god is great' - this makes perfect sense you'd think? but suddenly, its all about free speech, she crows

' I've got to disagree with you on this one Sunny, for exactly the reasons that Ally has so eloquently laid out, and also because the right to protest is absolutely fundamental to our democracy and neither you nor I nor indeed our political masters have any right to prevent/exclude anyone from exercising that right.

'What you appear to be suggesting is some kind of entrance requirement for anyone wanting a place on the demo, a promise that they'll behave like nice middle class secular liberals and not embarrass you or others by saying the wrong things or by getting too rowdy. It's simply not going to happen.'

i don't suppose it is either, not if the security services have anything to with it.
shifty goings on down at ci5 these days?

Anonymous said...

Ms 'i'm comfortable enough in my own politics' Woman, strikes again after getting her arse kicked by ever curious others up and down hundals thread.

How does this

'Of course I do, but if non-religious secular liberals start boycotting these demos the end result can only be that it will be the voices of those extremists that get heard, and only those. That's playing far more into the hands of Hamas and the Israeli ultra-right than turning up and ensuring a myriad of different perspectives are represented, because it's giving them the floor, and letting them dictate the message.'

suddenly square with this

'Similarly, if I was on an anti-war or pro-Palestine demo and some religious fundies showed up and told me I had to walk in a separate, women-only section of the march, or if the majority of protesters were chanting "death to all Israeli's" I'd walk away and not look back.'

isn't Msnotveryconsistant the one who had a go at you, neil, when you mentioned 'quislings'

Davros said...

We all know how anyone who criticises Israel is labelled "Anti Semitic", and that to do so in these paranoid times will probably put us all in danger of being held indefinitely under the Terrorism Act (or whatever HM Govt's "Knock on the Door at Midnight" legislation is called these days).
Still, Anonymous is absolutely correct:
Israel are the Nazis now.
It is interesting to observe that "Humanity's Greatest Living Representative Elect" Obama, through his conspicuous silence, is providing the Israeli Nazis with welcome support for these acts of racist savagery.

neil craig said...

Vlad you may not remember the British government bombing Irish cities (though in fact it is likely they did*) because our beloved american overseers would have been miffed, however surely you remember when they were "bombing Orthodox cities with jets" on absolutely no provocation. Many of those now supporting Hamas, like the racist Nazi scum Livingston & Short, were enthusiastic supporters of that war fought purely to support racial genocide & get child sex slaves & body organs for these monsters.

*There is considerable reason to think the 1974 bombings in Dublin, which happened just as the Dail were about to decide whether to crack down on the IRA, were carried out by, or with the assistance of, the British government. Certainly Colin Wallace thinks so.

Dan that was a disgusting post. The obvious answer is to demand that you prove that not every single person opposing Israel & who did not publicly oppose our genocide in Yugoslavia is personally so obscene & corrupt a Nazi that they are personally jealous thay they didn't get a chance to work at Auschwitz, or else to apologise for breathing. The other answer is, to repeat, that it is obvious Israel are deliberately targeting civilians, as you know perfectly well, because they have not achieved anything 1,000th as murderous as the Krajina Holocaust, of which racist filth like you & Short are so proud.

I await your proof to a standard more than 10,000 times higher than the highest standard of honesty you aspire to.

Dan, portsmouth said...

Stupid Craig;
You came up with no evidence. just the usual punch of crap... not only you are a lier, but a shameless stupid lier.

Today, your criminal, blood thirsty friends have bombed two schools, Not one school but TWO. and it is a UN run school, the UNRWA has protested... these schools had 140 people took refuge inside.

Just another proof how the criminal zionist occupation is deliberately aiming at civilians in Gaza.. no were is safe for them, even a UN school.

Dan, portsmouth said...

Breaking news from Aljazeera;

A third school has been bombed by Israeli criminal army. in Jibalia refugee camp in Gaza.

The school name is Fakhoura. It is for the UNRWA and has UN flag on it, civilians had took refuge to the school.

Initial reports are talking about 40 deaths so far.

jock mctrousers said...

Neil Craig - Well, you got Yugoslavia right, so there's some hope for you. Or maybe you're just prejudiced against Moslems. Please rethink your approach to this.

Oh, I think you got Clare Short right too, but Livingstones's a bit better than that.

neil craig said...

Thanks Jock. I have no objection to reasoned discussion it is those maintaining any lie, no matter how obvious who are, by the literal meaning of the word, prejudiced.

As for the school. Either it was a deliberate Israeli attack on civilians with no Hamas troops present, as Hamas claim or else it was a deliberately staged Hamas attack designed to bring about the deaths of their own civilians, something which we know Hezbollah & the Bosnian Nazis did.

I think it will become clear which (& do not expect that if it turns out the way I think that any Hamas supporter will publicly apologise). If the Israelis, having gone to great lengths to minimise civilian deaths had suddenly decided to reverse this policy in one particular instance & decided that they would get most international approval by choosing a UN building to do it the Israelis would be less intelligent than normally believed. The alternative is that Hamas are exactly what the Israelis say.