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Friday, October 10, 2008

Wally of the Week: Alex Singleton

Well, Alex, you've not only blown away the competition for this week's award, you've also made yourself red-hot favourite to win this blog's much-coveted Wally of the Year Award too. Dear reader: take a look at this and ask yourself, has there ever been a more obnoxious- and wallyish- article ever published in a British mainstream newspaper?

Mr Singleton's website tells us that he apparently was President of something called 'The Globalisation Institute' which favours 'free market solutions' and advocates global water privatisation. It has a wikipedia entry, but it seems, no website. As Windsor Davis would say: 'Oh dear, how sad, never mind'.
Mr Singleton is now something called a 'leader writier' (I wonder what that is?) and he was also (surprise, surprise) a former 'Research Director' of the Adam Smith Institute. Yes, that's right, the 'free market' loons who lobbied (successfully) for railway privatisation and who now think that the problem is that the railways haven't been privatised enough!

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