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Friday, October 10, 2008

March in The City, Today at 4pm

For any London based readers: there is to be a march in the City of London, starting at Mansion House station from 4pm today (Friday 10th October), opposing bail-outs for the greedy bankers (who are still awarding themselves huge bonuses) and demanding that the government defend pay and jobs instead.

Try and make it if you can.(hat tip- Lenin's Tomb)

1 comment:

David Lindsay said...

City "bonuses" (paid automatically - the only question, if that, is over the precise sum involved) might yet be curbed, even if the Government is still too craven to insist on seats on the boards and other basics of that sort.

There is no reason to stop in the City. Quite the reverse in fact: it should be made illegal for any company to pay any employee more than ten times what it pays any other employee, with the entire public sector functioning as one for this purpose, and with its median wage fixed by statute at the median wage in the private sector.

MPs and Ministers are clearly part of that public sector. And now, it seems, so are bankers.