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Thursday, June 26, 2008

We love you Turkey, we do.....

Well, they may have eventually lost to Germany, but there's no doubting who were the moral victors of last night's epic Euro 2008 semi-final.

Turkey, with five of their first team players missing due to injuries and suspension, were quite simply amazing. They took the game to their alleged superiors, and could - and should- have been two or three goals up at the interval. They dominated the second half too- but when Germany grabbed a goal, against the run of play with 12 minutes to go, due to a goalkeeping error by second-choice keeper Rustu, it looked like 'normal service' was to be resumed. But Turkey don't only have great technique- they have tremendous spirit, and with just four minutes remaining grabbed a dramatic equaliser- the fourth time in succession they have come from behind and equalised with a late goal. Sadly, there was still more drama to come, as Germany broke forward and scored in the final minute to record a thoroughly undeserved victory.

So Turkey are out of Euro 2008. But I'm sure football fans the world over will never forget this remarkable team.

UPDATE: Some great news: it's just been announced that Fatih Terim, Turkey's brilliantly inspirational coach, is to stay in his position until at least 2010. That's great news not just for Turkey, but for everyone who likes attacking football.


DAVIDD said...

I agree entirely with the above article but there is a foreboding that the Germans will come good just at the right time, i.e. in the final. I doubt that even the most patriotic and level headed German supporter could agree that Germany will deserve to win this competition, but then again, as a Hull supporter, when you follow a team all logic and rational self analysis goes out the window. I hope that Russia win tonight as I can see them beating the Germans, or rather, of having a better chance than Spain of beating them. By the by, on another matter, I notice that you are an advocate of the return of Capital punishment, have you previously debated this topic as I would be interested in knowing your arguments as I have yet to be persuaded despite having participated in heated debates. Not as heated as censorship debates mind you , but close enough!!!

olching said...

I'm not so convinced it was a wholly undeserved victory. I know the BBC and the rest of the British media laid into Germany and dragged up the old stereotypes of German efficiency and luck, but let's face it, this German team (and that of 2006) has played some cracking attacking football (they have scored loads of goals).

Schweinsteiger has scored two of the greatest goals of the Euros, and Germany had more shots on goal then pundits have suggested.

Turkey should have been 2:0 up after 30 minutes, after that the match changed. For the last 25 Germany were the better side and really went for it. Their winner was a beauty.

Of course Turkey were unlucky over the course of the match, think the Swiss, Czechs, and Croats will think it pales into insignificance compared to their terrible luck against Turkey....

I'm routing for Germany in the final.

Neil Clark said...

Hi davidd: yes I have debated capital punishment quite a few times, including alongside Peter Hitchens at the Cambridge Union (up against the DPP and Michael Mansfield QC).
I hope Hull can stay up next season btw- it's great to see them in the Premiership.

olching: fair point. Germany's finishing has been clinical and I think Schweinsteiger never gets the credit he deserves. He's a cracking player and didn't Germany miss him against Croatia and Austria? I actually find this German team, and the team of 2006, much more likeable than previous German teams because they are more attack-minded- and are more vulnerable in defence, which usually means their games are full of goals and are normally very entertaining.