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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Black Day for France

No, I'm not referring to their ignominious exit from Euro 2008, but something much worse.

Robert Fox writes:

President Sarkozy has announced the most radical shake-up in France's defence and security policy for more than 40 years - since 1966 when President De Gaulle hauled France out of the military alliance of Nato as a very Gallic gesture of independence from America.
Sarkozy told 3,000 French officers today that their country will rejoin the integrated military command of Nato.

One thing I'm sure of: the greatest Frenchman of the 20th Century will be turning in his grave.

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David Lindsay said...

Proper Gaullists must allow themselves nothing less than a proper Presidential candidate next time.

Meanwhile, over here, up got the Eurofanatical Henry Jackson Society stalwart Denis MacShane, to crow about the French re-accession to NATO, thereby giving Brown an opportunity to "deny" that there was any "plan" to merge the Royal and French Navies.

Well, there probably isn't. There is now so little to the Royal Navy that a merger could not happen. Rather, there would be a simple takeover, as part of a French-dominated single EU "capability" under overall American command, much as the US has wanted ever since the Forties.

In the pre-Sarkozy days when the Henry Jackson Society's Statement of Principles was being drafted, it was assumed that America's regent in Europe would be Atlanticist, if moderately armed and non-nuclear, Germany. But in the new Sarkozy Age, that distinction now goes to heavily armed and very definitely nuclear France instead.

Also part of this grand scheme, by the way, is the abolition of the Royal Air Force: