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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Tangerine Dream: Sing Dinge-Dong

I've never been a fan of the Italian national football team. For too long they've bored us with their ultra-defensive tactics; tactics which sadly have proved quite effective, as the last World Cup showed. So it was great to see them get their just desserts last night by the Netherlands, and to see the so-called masters of counter-attacking football, caught on the break not once, but twice!
The Netherlands' stunning victory provides us with a great excuse to remind ourselves of another international triumph for the Dutch- in the 1975 Eurovision Song Contest. Take it away, Gettie!


Roland Hulme said...

France was robbed in the World Cup.

Footy's a pathetic game these days. Why do they bother having a 90 minute kickaround beforehand? They should just start and finish with penalties and let us all go home early.

Anonymous said...

This clip has a mega 70s feel to it!

Just imagine if Oliver Kamm had a beard like the guys in this band!

Instead of sniggering at him, we'd all be scared!

(But then, on nights when there is a full moon, maybe he really does turn into a pint-sized hairy werewolf?)