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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Inanilmaz! Turkey do it again.....

Well, I thought in over 30 years following the sport I'd seen all there was to see in football.

Then came Turkey.

A stoppage time winner against Switzerland after they'd been 1-0 down. Three goals in the last 14 minutes to knock out the Czechs. And then last night, an astonishing extra-time comeback against Croatia. Croatia took the lead in the last minute of extra time and celebrated as if they'd won the match. They clearly forgot that they were playing Turkey.

To come back from the dead once might be considered lucky. But to do it three times?
Turkey have reached the semi-finals of Euro 2008 having been in the lead for just TWO MINUTES in their four matches to date!

The feats of escapology by Turkey that we've witnessed over the past week or so have been nothing short of remarkable. They've stunned the Swiss, the Czechs and now the Croats with their late, late heroics. Will it be the Germans next?


Anonymous said...

Apropos the Germans, did you see their manager getting caught on candid camera lighting up a fag? I bet their health minister wasn't exactly dancing with joy about that!

(Saying that, in Germany there is more than an even chance that the health minister would be a smoker too!)

Neil Clark said...

Yes, I saw that. On the BBC highlights programme they tut-tutted in a very patronising way and said that smoking wsn't allowed inside the stadium-but it was, they forgot they weren't in Big Brother Britain.
One of the greatest of all international managers, Guy Thys of Belgium, who got his country to the semi-finals of the World Cup was a regular touchline smoker (of cigars) as was John Docherty who got Millwall to the top of the old First Division. Perhaps not smoking is where England's managers have gone wrong!