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Monday, March 26, 2012

Syria: Why it's time for the armed militia to lay down their guns

You can watch an interview with me on Russia Today, in which I call for the Syrian opposition to embrace the democratic opportunities now open to them, here. 

Will the western-backers of the rebels be urging them to follow the democratic path and contest elections in Syria? Don't hold your breath. As I've said before on many occasions, democracy in Syria is the very last thing the west wants. All they want is the installation of a slavishly pro-U.S., anti-Iranian puppet government and they don't really care how that is achieved.

On the subject of Syria, there's a very good piece by Patrick Cockburn in today's Independent on why the attempts to forcibly bring about 'regime-change' in Damascus have failed.

What went wrong for the advocates of regime change? In general, they overplayed their hand and believed too much of their own propaganda. By this January, everything they did was predicated on international military intervention, or a convincing threat of it. But this ceased to be an option on 4 February when Russia and China vetoed a UN Security Council resolution, backed by the Arab League, calling on Assad to step down

Hat tip: Media Lens Message Board.

The neocons and 'liberal' imperialists have suffered a real setback in Syria, and we can't really exaggerate the importance their reverse.


Douglas said...

In the immortal words of Gilbert and Sullivan, "Here's a howdy-do!" for the Syrian rebels. Barring something unforeseen, the Western intervention they were hoping for isn't happening.

What do you think will happen if they lay down their guns? I'll tell you what I think will happen. I think they will be killed.

I'm recalling a scene from the movie "Apocalypse Now" where the American soldiers behaved badly at a USO show. Charlie Sheen's character mused "Charlie [the Viet Cong] didn't get no USO. For him, it was either death, or victory."

Neil Clark said...

Hi Douglas,

I'd like to see a ceasefire from both sides. The west needs to stop arming and encouraging armed resistance to the Assad govt and then the govt and opposition can sign a ceasefire.

brian said...

what 'rebels' as with teh 'rebels; in Libya these are armed jihadis (salafists of the muslim brotherhood and LIFG etc) bent on removing non-sunnnis from syria"

here is Mother Agnes, Catholic Media Service back from a look at syria:

the idea that we have two equal villains is absurd...but its a typacil ploy to undermine the states right to suppress any armed insurgency.

brian said...

Students from Homs thank Syrian soldiers for protecting them

this is the same HOMS we were told by the media following the mendacious SOHR where syrian army was killing civilians1