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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Philip Madoc R.I.P.


R.I.P. Philip Madoc, great Welsh actor and the funniest U-boat commander of them all.
He also played a very funny cameo as 'Snetterton' in The Good Life.  


Barrie Singleton said...

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Robert said...

Madoc was also extremely effective as the menacing Huron chief, Magua, in the 1971 series which the Beeb based on The Last of the Mohicans. I have forgotten a lot of the telly I watched in 1971, but never will I forget Madoc in that role. In fact I stared agog at the credits after the first episode, determined to find out who that remarkable actor was.

Then of course there was Madoc's brilliant impersonation of Lloyd George many years later. (He apparently studied languages as an undergraduate with the result that his German and Welsh were spot-on.)

Neil Clark said...

Hi Robert,
I have very fond memories of The Last of the Mohicans series too. I recall it being on at Sunday tea-time. As you say, Madoc was also great as Lloyd George.

Justin O'Hagan said...

He was also brilliant as Cadfael (currently airing on radio 4 extra).

Justin O'Hagan said...

He was also brilliant on radio as Cadfael (which is currently airing on Radio 4 Extra).