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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Libya's humanitarian catastrophe- and why the west isn't interested

Above you can watch me discussing the terrible situation in Libya on Russia Today, and why the west isn't interested in the death and destruction their 'humanitarian intervention' has caused. More on this story here.


Douglas said...

I have expressed concern on many occasions about the links between the Libyan NTC and Al-Qaeda.

I wish I knew why America isn't concerned about this, but I don't. It's as if the West believed that Libya would turn into a place like Somalia after the fall of Gaddafi. But again, I fail to see why the West would consider that to be in their interests. I can only surmise that there are some data points of which I'm unaware.

brian said...


The western politicians are only interested in africacoms penetration of africa...not the fate of the afriac peoples

Neil Clark said...

Hi Douglas,
So long as t
he west can grab the oil and there's a weak, compliant govt in Libya which won't espouse Pan-Arabism or Pan-Africanism, or indeed show any signs of independence, they don't really care about the death and destruction their 'humanitarian' intervention has caused.

Brian: thanks for link. Totally agreed.