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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Carnage in Gaza as Israeli air strikes leave at least 18 Palestinians dead

The Guardian reports:

A 12-year-old boy was among those reported to have been killed in Gaza on Sunday amid a spiralling round of militant rocket attacks and Israeli air strikes over the weekend that left at least 18 Palestinians dead and four people in Israel injured.

A further 26 Palestinians were injured, five seriously, in a string of Israeli air strikes, the Gaza medical services spokesman Adham Abu Salmiya told the Palestinian news agency Maan. He named the dead child as Ayoub Useila, who was killed in Jabalia refugee camp in an air strike that also injured his seven-year-old cousin.

The weekend death and injury toll was the highest since Operation Cast Lead, Israel's three-week military assault on Gaza just over three years ago.

Don’t hold your breath for the ‘liberal interventionists’, so keen for military action to be taken against Syria to call for action to be taken against Israel. And don't hold your breath either for the U.S. to denounce Israel's aggression.


brian said...

this is where UNSC needs a no fly zone...BUT will Banki deliver? No way jose!

will the R2P crowd be outraged and demand R2P? not a hope in hell.

its incidents like these that help to acst a light on these institutions and their rhetoric

Douglas said...

I did a little browsing through Amazon, and I noticed there is a book called "The Case for Israel" by Alan Dershowitz, and a book called "The Case for Palestine" by John Quigley. The Dershowitz book is much more well-known. Perhaps you should write the next great "case for Palestine" book.

FaridaSamantha said...

Hey Alan Deshowitz. He is such an idiot and a fool. You need to read the books of Francis Boyle. He is a good professor and he is a nice man. Please Israel is a rascist and a terrorist Regime.

Douglas said...

@FaridaSamantha - I take it you are recommending the Francis Boyle book "Palestine, Palestinians and International Law." Have you read it?

FaridaSamantha said...

Well we think that Francis Boyle is a very good man and yes we read the book that you had recomended. We read it already and we loved it very much. Francis Boyle is a very nice and an excellent man. He is also a very courageous and brave man. He is also a harsh critic of Israel. He has called for both George W. Bush and Tony Blair to be prosecuted for murder and called for the International Criminal Court to issue arrest warrants for the former American President and former British Prime Minster.