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Friday, January 13, 2012

Rising joblessness in Europe: thanks for nothing, Brussels.

This piece of mine appears in The Week/The First Post.

Neil Clark: Collapse of SeaFrance and the ban on Iranian oil prove EU bigwigs are dangerously out of touch

YOU MIGHT think that with 23m people out of work in Europe, the EU and its organisations would be doing everything they could to preserve European jobs and help Europe's beleaguered economies. Think again.

This week there have been three examples of how the EU is working against economic recovery.

You can read the whole of the article here.


jack said...

I think as LaRouche has rightfully warned that it is a global economic banking collapse and there is no chance of the current economic system recovering which there solution like the last global crisis is to push for world war.

Pushing towards war with Iran via Zionist interests in Europe and the US will be the catalyst for this with Obama also flexing his muscle in the Asia towards China and cutting of all external oil reserves it need for its economy.

Iran oil embargo and war will also hike up the cost of oil.

What do you make of this report that the European welfare system state is responsible for contributing to the collapse of European economies?

Actually US and EU policy since the collapse of the USSR in 89 it to merge the multi-billion dollar organised crime black market economies supported and created by the CIA, MI6, BND, etc into the global economic system like Afghan heroin trade through Albanian network via KLA owned Kosovo.

Italian crime investigators tapped phone of Albanian gangster discussing the engineered mass pogrom against the Serbs in March of 2004.

David Lindsay said...

Pro-Commonwealth Keynesians have been the most consistent opponents of European federalism for 60 years.

But there was a media blackout when they banded together with others, some admittedly more desirable than others, at the last European Elections in order to point out that EU directives were forcing the privatisation of our public services, that European Court rulings were oppressing trade unions and encouraging social dumping, and that the EU was forcing grossly iniquitous trade deals on developing countries.

The pre-Election edition of Question Time had to be heavily edited because a member of the audience had dared to mention them.

Anonymous said...

It is becoming painfully clear that the EU is becoming a monster. I admire some of the people who championed European integration after World War II, thinking that it would be a force for peace and social justice, but things are turning out rather differently.

DBC Reed said...

@DL Pro Commonwealth Keynesians ?Who might they be? Sound interesting.

David Lindsay said...

The late Peter Shore in one party and the very much still alive Sir Peter Tapsell in the other, for a start.