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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Belarus regrets the EU's economic sanctions against Iran

At least there's one country in Europe not kow-towing to the US and the pro-Israel lobby on Iran. 

The Republic of Belarus regrets the introduction by the European Union of large-scale economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, says a statement of the press service of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus, BelTA has learnt.

The Foreign Ministry noted that the introduction of unilateral sanctions against Iran can escalate the situation in the strategic region of the Middle East and lead to unpredictable consequences for the entire world.

The economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran have nothing to do with nuclear non-proliferation, but will only deliver a blow to the national economy and ordinary people,” the Foreign Ministry emphasized.

More here.

It’s a bit of a no brainer to work out why the neocons and ‘Israel-firsters’ hate Belarus so much and pump out so much negative propaganda about the country. The great crime of President Lukashenko is not that he’s a "dictator''- he’s not- but that he doesn’t have the ‘right’ foreign policy, particularly in relation to Iran.


Ian said...

rolls eyes, chuckles and slinks off to bar.

Czarny Kot said...

Sanctions are wrong from the practical point of view because they simply do not work. I cannot think of one example (with the possible situation of South Africa) in which sanctions had the desired effect. They haven't toppled Castro and they didn't topple Saddam Hussein.

They are also wrong from the moral point of view because they invariably punish the citizens of a country rather than its rulers. I'm sure Cubans and Iranians have enough on their plate living under a repressive communist / theocratic regime. The last thing they need is the extra hardship brought about by sanctions.

In the current situation sanctions are also wrong from the point of view of self-interest. With our current economic troubles the decision to cut off Iranian oil looks a bit rash, to say the least. Other suppliers might be able to make up for the shortfall but they might not.

It is not just about oil, however. This week I read that a once famous glassworks in Inowrocław, Poland has been forced to close down after the Iranians who purchased 80% of its production cancelled thier order in response to the imposition of sanctions. To be fair, this was merely the coup de grace for a factory which, having prospered under both communism and capitalism, had been brought low by several unfortunate technical and strategic investments.

Nonetheless, it begs the question of how many other European firms have lost business due to the decision to impose sanctions on Iran.

I see no contradiction in holding these opinions whilst holding the press censoring, gay hanging, fundamemtalist Iranian regime in the contempt it deserves.

Neil Clark said...

Czarny: These sanctions are all about destroying the Iranian economy. They are hurting not only the ordinary people of Iran, but the ordinary people of Europe too. The EU's decision to kowtow to the US and the pro-Israel lobby by imposing an oil embargo was predictable, but still scandalous, especially considering the current state of the European economy.

David Lindsay said...

Is it just the spectacle of their own past lives in the Brezhnev-era kitsch of the Lukashenko Government? Or in the spotty, unelectable adolescents who comprise the "opposition", admittedly a lot better, since merely harmless, than the neighbouring giant's Stalinists, National Bolsheviks, Islamist terrorists, and anti-urban, anti-industrial, anti-scientific fantasists who are all cheered on simultaneously by the New Cold Warriors?

The Papacy identifies as a bridge between Eastern and Western Christendom the last nation in Europe west of the Russian border to identify entirely in terms other than those of rootless neoliberal stupefaction, promiscuity, usury and warmongering. Was the Papacy notable for its close relationship with the Soviet regime, such that it would wish to maintain such ties with that regime's last vestige in Europe?

brian said...

it must gall the west that a belarussian Vika Asarenka won the womens singles AO tennis championship this year.

Head of Belarusian State Alexander Lukashenko congratulated Victoria Azarenka one of first.
The congratulatory note says: "Dear Victoria! From all my heart I congratulate you on this wonderful victory in the most prestigious Grand Slam series tournament of the Australian Open in Melbourne. Literally, the whole country was watching the heated game with bated breath, worried and cheered for you. In these cold January nights you lit the hearts of Belarusians with your victory, demonstrating moral courage, exemplary guts, pure mastery and a beautiful game. The whole country is proud of your achievements."
The Head of the State stressed: "Vika, you are the pride of our nation? Motherland is lost in admiration by your outstanding achievement, which is already inscribed in the history of Belarusian and world sport. I congratulate you on your victory again, and also on the highest state award - Motherland Order of III degree, which you rightly deserve."
Alexander Lukashenko also wished Victoria Azarenka luck and new achievements, so that she would tame down new sports heights.
As it was informed in the press service, the athlete-instructor of the national tennis team, the Honored Master of Sports of Belarus Victoria Azarenka by decision of the Head of the State was awarded with Motherland Order of III degree. The athlete is honored with this award for high professional skills, outstanding sports achievements and the victory in the Grand Slam tournament of the Australian Open in Melbourne.

Richard LTFC said...

I was highly amused by the hysterical letter from the EU, denouncing Belarus for its debased currency, rising inflation, and bloated public sector - all three of these are, of course, deliberate policies of the US, the EU, and indeed the UK governments. One of those who put their signature to the letter was a certain William Hague.